New Cheat Sheets for Back to School

By Kristie Turck •  Published 08/10/11 •  3 min read

Hi all!  I know some of us are already back IN school this week but I’ve put up a new version of the Safer Lunch Gear cheat sheet this morning which was revised somewhat from last year’s.  I removed a thing or two and added some new brands.  There are tons of great reusable (and toxin free) lunch systems on the market now in a variety of price points so I think there is something in there for everyone.

Since many people expressed a desire to find a safe backpack I separated backpacks out into their own Safer Backpacks cheat sheet.  My requirements are the same for backpacks as they are for lunch gear.

A thing to note about making selections when it comes to supplies and gear for kids.  Choosing a product is tough sometimes and while I only list products that the companies claim to be PVC, Lead and Phthalate free – it is a matter of trust too.  Some companies hide behind a broad “meets the standards” statement and other sing it loud and proud that they are completely free of toxins and have ethical practices.  It’s up to us as consumers to put our money where we think it’s best deserved.

I always wonder why I have to go digging within a company hotline or live chat to find out that the product is safe from lead or PVC.  If it is like they say, why not boast it right in the product description page like the small businesses that take care to avoid those things for us? Why make it so hard for us to find out?  In cases of the bigger vendors I noticed that the customer service reps were a little non-chalant about their answers.. “Yeah sure it’s free of all that stuff” or in some cases they’d tell me yes they were free of lead, phthalates, etc but couldn’t cough up any solid information about 3rd party testing.  So keep that in mind when making selections.

Some things should be seen as an investment.  I’m on a budget too but you can be budget conscious while supporting the companies that really care.

You can find these cheat sheets and all the other cheat sheets I have available in the CHEAT SHEET section of the website.  There is a link up top to direct you to the master list.  As always, I am happy to hear from you and if you think I missed a brand worthy of the SafeMama stamp of approval, please feel free to let me know.