More Toy Recalls Keep Parents on their Toes

By Kristie Turck •  Published 12/19/07 •  1 min read

Just when we thought we could relax a tiny bit… more toy recalls. If there is a lesson in all these toy recalls this year, it’s that as parents, we need to make sure we are as informed as possible and we stay on top of the most recent information. We thought we’d be safe with purchasing wood toy alternatives then a new slew of recalls include wood blocks and wood toys that violate lead paint standards.

The Soldier Bear company recalled a handful of their wood toys including a wood pull a long wagon filled with blocks, a wood clock and wooden ride on horse for toddlers all found with excess levels of lead in their surface paint. The toys were manufactured in China which to some is not a huge surprise. Keep up with the CPSC recalls by checking their website or subscribing to their rss feed to be updated on the most recent recalls.