Mom Discovery Box from EcoCentric Mom

By Kristie Turck •  Published 02/24/14 •  3 min read

EcoCentric Mom Subscription BoxJust wanted to share with you the goodies that came along with this edition of EcoCentric Mom‘s “Mom” Box.  Lots of pretty little natural treats.

House of Metalworks  – Jewelry handmade in the USA with reclaimed/recycled materials, this months box came equipped with a darling heart charm bracelet that is so sweet and delicate. Lovely little gift for someone you love. beautiful!

The Seaweed Bath Co – A full sized bar of Detox Cellulite Soap that uses Organic Coffee as the exfoliating ingredient! Natural ingredients combat itchy skin, psoriasis, eczema and other irritating skin conditions. Seaweed extracts, coffee and cinnamon gently cleanse and nourish skin.  Free of parabens, sulfates, gluten and dyes.

pur-Absorb Iron – These little packets of iron-rich natural spring water as a natural supplement for women with low iron levels. A gentle effective dose reducing the effects of side effects due to it’s proven absorption rate. This month’s box came with a full sized box of 28 supplements!  Thank you pur-Aborb!

RESCUE Gum Natural Stress Relief – Not sure who knew I needed this but thank you EcoCentric Mom. This natural gum by Bach called Rescue Gum is a tasty piece of stress relief.  Orange and Elderflower extracts soothe your stress levels and help you cope.  I’m not sure what about it works but chewing one of these did actually keep me collected and focused while writing this post!

House of Metalworks

House of Metalworks love bracelet

Sjaak’s Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Hearts – Who doesn’t love chocolate? Okay not everyone dies but these pretty little chocolate hearts  use organic and non-GMO ingredients while supporting a fair trade environment and practices.  They come in assorted flavors like lavender chocolate and cherry but my heart belongs to the basic milk chocolate.  Such a conscious little treat!

LIPS by Healthy Houseful – If you don’t know me by now, the way to my heart is with lip balm. I am constantly applying it and I have one or several with me at all times. LIPS by Healthy Houseful is a warm butter balm with lemon essential oil and natural vanilla, making this a luscious little lip balm that was super moisturizing thanks to coconut oil and shea butter.  Mmmm

Pure + Remedy Vitamin C Facial Serum & Precious Drops Super Hydrating Serum – I never was a big “serum” person.  Until I got wrinkles and stuff.  These high quality serums are a great solution thanks to safe natural ingredients that effectively address skin concerns like age spots, dryness, and texture of your skin.  I loved the Vitamin C serum to combat those pesky sun freckles on my chest.  They look sort of cute now but won’t forever.  I’d love to treat skin issues with safe ingredients.  These serums moisturize without leaving any sticky residue.  Just softness!

Subscribe! I truly love these boxes and think they make a wonderful treat for any mom or woman in your life who wants to try out new natural products. The subscription service offers a generous box of samples and coupons along with expert tips for $24 with deliveries every 2 months.  Choose from Mom Discovery, Mom-to-be Discovery or Mom & Baby Discovery themed boxes and get a load of fun stuff to experience.