MAM Moving Towards More BPA Free Products

By Kristie Turck •  Published 05/14/08 •  2 min read

MAMWhen I learned of all this BPA (Bisphenol-a) stuff last year I was bummed to find out that my son’s beloved pacifier, a MAM Ulti, had a polycarbonate shield. We have thankfully, rid him of the pacifier habit now that he’s well over 2 years old. But making a child change their pacifier is not a fun task.

So far we’ve been aware of MAM’s BPA Free bottles, and I’ve seen their BPA FREE labeled boxes at the grocery store over the last month or two. They have 2 types of bottles and a training cup on the market made of polypropylene: the MAM ULTIvent Anti-Colic Bottle, the MAM Drink Easy Bottle and the MAM Transition Trainer. (all pictured above) One of my good friends emailed me a newsletter she received from MAM today. In it MAM announced plans to go further with BPA Free products:

MAM sets standards for the well-being of babies, small children and parents and therefore – 3 years before this debate – took an innovative step and started making bottles out of Polypropelene (PP), a BPA free plastic. Thus MAM baby bottles provide a good night sleep for parents and babies.

But MAM has gone even one step further: Although the current debate relates to bottles only, MAM already decided to offer further BPA free products including for example soothers.

Parents and babies benefit from the perfect combination of safety and design, making early experiences relaxed and fun.

BPA Free MAM Binkies!  Hooray! While I can’t find evidence of this on their public website, (and I had do do a double take on their spelling of ploypropylene) it’s slightly reassuring that some companies are taking our demands seriously, even if it’s just to maintain sales.