Maclaren Beginning Skin Care for Mom & Baby

By Kristie Turck •  Published 09/04/10 •  3 min read

I’m sure you recognize Maclaren from their popular strollers.  That’s how I know them… so when they contacted me about their new line of natural skin care for pregnant moms and babies I was really intrigued.  Maclaren sent me their entire line, called Maclaren Beginning, to check out and wow was I ever impressed with these great products.

First, I have to say that the entire line looks and feels very elegant and much like a pampering experience.  One of my favorite items is the Nurturing Bath Milk for mom and Calming Bath Milk for baby.  They made up of Certified Organic essential oils and come in a special coated glass bottle.  The bottles feel soft and are thus shatter resistant (it won’t shatter all over the place).  What is really nice is it looks like a massage oil but when you pour a few cap fulls into the bath it turns a milky white color. The scents are subtle and calming and a small bit goes a long way.

I was also really taken by their Supporting Belly Balm.  Typically, belly balms are really oily or sticky which I guess aides in providing moisture to the skin to stay supple and flexible for the changes it is going through during pregnancy.  The Maclaren Supporting Belly Balm is made with essential oils, shea butter and rosehip to help prevent stretchmarks.  It comes in a little pot with the most fabulous tiny wooden spoon.  It goes on like whipped butter and absorbs immediately so you’re not sticking to your clothes (which was a huge peeve of mine with belly oils). I’m not pregnant anymore but I started using it anyway on my hands and elbows – I love it that much!  And no strong scent… its very light and airy.

One other product I wanted to highlight is the Protecting Nappy Change Balm.  For one, it comes in a massive 8.4 oz tube – I don’t think you would ever need to reorder it.   It’s goes on much like a thick lotion and is zinc free so it would be perfect for cloth diaperers.  It’s virtually unscented and for $12 it would last a lifetime. I haven’t even put a dent in the tube I have here.

The Maclaren Beginning line has a large range of products including gift sets.  The baby items include the Protecting Nappy Change Balm, Calming Bath Milk, Absorbing Dusting Powder, Cocooning Massage Oil, Comforting Room Mist and Soothing Delicate Soap (which really is delicate and moisturizing).  The line for mommies includes candles, 3 essential oils, a Balancing Facial Mist (great after a work out), Alleviating Leg Lotion and a Connecting Massage Oil.

These are really nice products that would be perfect as a gift for a baby shower or just for a friend, since they have such a pretty and delicate feeling, like a special treat for mom and baby.  They providing perfect gift sets on their website for mom to-be and baby. I have to note that these are not chemical free products (some are close like the oils and milks) but they do contain a couple things here and there.  They do make our Skin Care Cheat Sheet and provide ingredients lists on their website.  The line is however free of the biggies like parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, and propylene glycols.

Get It: You can get the entire Maclaren Beginning line on their website but it’s also available through, and some independent retailers.