LunchBots New Quad Containers

By Kristie Turck •  Published 02/13/12 •  2 min read

I am a long time fan of LunchBots.  I’ve been using their products since I discovered them and am so pleased with every product we have. My oldest son carries his sandwich in a LunchBots Uno every day and I use their LunchBots Pico for snacks in my bag for me and my little guy while we’re out and about.  I love using stainless steel for food storage especially for kids.  It doesn’t shatter and they aren’t heavy so they’re totally manageable.  The Uno’s fit a large sized sandwich perfectly, eliminating any need for plastic wraps or zip locks.  They wash up great (a simple hand washing is all they really need to be ready for the next day.

LunchBots has some new containers that provide great options for lunch packing, like the new Quad container.  My son understands, but still tells me that a kid in his class brings Lunchables to school.   I avoid buying them because they’re not all that healthy and they’re expensive.  So when I received a LunchBot Quad I thought it would be PERFECT for creating our own “lunchable”.  It’s the perfect size for providing foods he can build his lunch with.  I’m trying to think of something cute to do for Valentine’s Day for him.  Heart shapped fruit and sandwiches maybe?

Anyway, LunchBots are made with the highest grade stainless steel there are no coatings or linings to content with and your food stays safe inside.  I am 100% thrilled with the Lunchbots products we have and they have stood the test of time with flying colors.  They’re a great investment in your food storage arsenal.  Bye bye ziplocks and hello chemical free unsmushed food!

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