Kids and Cold Medicines Don’t Mix

By Kristie Turck •  Published 11/15/07 •  1 min read

As many parents have heard recently, cough and cold medicines are not recommended for children — especially those under two years old. But many parents have been wondering, “What now? How do we treat our child’s illness?”

The Mayo Clinic explains why these medicines are risky and gives parents some tips for helping their child feel better. Briefly:

  • Offer plenty of fluids. Liquids can loosen congestion.
  • Encourage rest.
  • Moisten the air. Run a humidifier.
  • Try saline drops. Saline nose drops can help your child breathe easier.
  • Soothe a sore throat. Gargling salt water can help.

And they also offer tips on when you should call your doctor and ways to help prevent the common cold.

For more information about child health, see Mayo’s Children’s Health section.