JPMA Newsletter Says BPA “Won’t Hurt You”

By Kristie Turck •  Published 12/21/10 •  4 min read

A reader forwarded me a recent newsletter that was sent out by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, Inc) to it’s subscribers bashing the bans on BPA taking effect in the country and in Canada.  In a word they quote it “Nonsense.” Or my favorite “unscientific hysteria”.  JPMA quotes “Nonsense. Not only is there no good evidence that BPA locked into plastic can hurt people, it actually saves lives by stopping botulism. They also quote the American Council on Science and Health which has poo poo’ed BPA’s dangers in the past. Interesting that the report found quotes from the one organization that disagrees on the safety of BPA. (The American Council on Science and Health are also a nonprofit organization that relies on donations… hmm, I wonder who donates?)

I may not be a scientist but I’m pretty sure that the people who did the studies that revealed the dangers of Bisphenol-A to humans (especially to the sensitive development of babies and children) feel differently. Such as:

I’m not sure why JPMA felt the need to share this with their newsletter readers, pulling quotes like “scientifically illiterate legislators are quick to panic” and highlighting scaremongering that’s making things happen. The content sounds motivated and defensive rather than weighing both sides of the issue in a thoughtful manner.  It’s not what I would expect from an organization that specializes in the safety of children’s products.  You can see the newsletter in it’s entirety here. (It’s copied from an email into PDF)

Edited to add: It’s been clarified by JPMA that these are not their opinions and that they were merely quoting an article by John Stossel which they do link in their newsletter in the end.  However the presentation does not lend itself to making that clear. These are not the collective opinions of JPMA and have “quoted” other articles on the contrary side of BPA in past newsletters.