IKEA Kids rainbow cups & utensils BPA Free

By Kristie Turck •  Published 01/19/08 •  1 min read

Last updated on April 6th, 2022 at 07:30 pm

I have no idea where I heard this originally but a friend of mine (Hi, Mariana!) picked up a set of cups and plates for me at her local IKEA. The product line is an IKEA exclusive designed by Monika Mulder and they carry rainbow sets of kids cups, plates, bowls and eating utensils. The dishware is made of polypropylene (a #5 on the recycling scale) and is dishwasher safe. Polypropylene is a Bisphenol-A and PVC-free plastic. They are lightweight and the perfect size for little hands. My 2-year-old loves the little cups and since I’m trying my hardest to teach him to use a regular non-sippy cup without turning it into a launching device for milk and water… it makes using it easy for his tiny grip.

They come in packs of 6 and cost a measly $1.99 per pack. I don’t have access to an IKEA nearby but I might have to make a pilgrimage to one to get the bowls too. They are not, unfortunately, available online so you have to hike out to the store to find them.

Get Them: Pick them up at your local IKEA Store!