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Holiday Gift Ideas: For The Person Who Has Everything

By Kristie Turck •  Published 12/18/16 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 09:15 am

My culinary nutrition training has me spinning my creative many directions but one thing I’ve started to think about (ahead of time for once) is holiday shopping.  I need to be strategic with my gifting so I have some ideas that will hopefully help you gift consciously and creatively for the people in your life.

kombuchaKombucha Brewing Jar 

This seems like overkill and yes you can make kombucha in any glass jar you have re-purposed.  But I came across this and thought it would be such a great gift for those who make kombucha and enjoy the process and health benefits of it.  The container is entirely made out of glass and is the perfect size for personal kombucha brewing.  Confession? I totally want this. Not sure what the deal is with kombucha? It is fermented tea that is very beneficial to gut health and microbiome balance. A little fermented food daily can ward off all kinds of diseases, colds, and flu.


pouroverPour Over Coffee Maker

I am late to the game on this pour-over business but I just started using one and absolutely love it.  There are several on the market and the one I use is very basic but requires no filters or k-cups and is just awesome. I like the zero waste factor and officially retired all other coffee machines in my house. I have the french press but for some reason, this doesn’t excite me as much.  I am not a caffeine hound by any means but this method makes really great coffee and I’ll never go back!  Again, I’m late to this party as the Chemex has been around for ages.  I found this Osaka Pour Over Coffee Dripper which uses a stainless steel filter so there truly is no waste.  This would be a great gift for someone who has everything!

Perfect companion gift is an electric kettle – England has been all over these for an eternity but we are slow to catch the drift on this one. Unless I just had my head under a rock.  Boiling water in 2 minutes.  GAME CHANGER.

herbsMason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

I am terrible with this and end up wasting fresh herbs more than I’d like. I have good intentions every time to keep them in jars of water on the counter and it never seems to work too well (or at least they don’t last long enough for my pace of cooking.  Growing them seems like a much better idea and the thought of plants happily growing in my kitchen during the winter months sounds like the right way to go.  I’m sure you could DIY this with your own mason jars but for $20 this Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden from Uncommon Goods (I love this store!) would be a terrific gift.


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