Green Halloween: Costume Swap!

By Kristie Turck •  Published 09/13/11 •  2 min read

Like me, you might be hiding your head in the sand at the prospect of Halloween approaching.  Because it represents not only candy and cider but the start of the holiday season, which I am so not ready to accept.  But it will inevitably arrive. Luckily for me I have 2 boys and will be able to recycle a few costumes to my younger one for another few years but it eventually becomes an expense to re-costume a kid or two every year.

National Costume Swap Day is October 8th! I think this is a really awesome idea and a perfect solution to the ever expanding list of expenses.  You probably know a group of kids from school or play groups in the same set of age ranges as your own kids. So setting up a costume swap is the perfect way to green your Halloween and save some money in the process.  Costumes don’t get to much action… I know I have several in my closet that were worn less than an hour or so and are in perfect condition. Why waste it?

Whether you want to host a small costume swap or go all out and throw a big costume swapping bash – there is no hard and fast method of doing it.  Green Halloween has a list of tips on hosting your own costume swap and how to register it.  Registering your event allows others in your community to find out about it and participate.

My biggest problem is always that my son picks the weirdest costumes.  I mean, what other kid will want to dress up as an Entomologist?? (My son literally told me this was what he wanted to be for Halloween this year).  But accessories can be swapped too. I’d rather not buy a bag of plastic bugs if I can help it.

Check out the event partner Green Halloween for details on National Costume Swap Day on October 8th and see how you can jump start a greener Halloween in your community. is also an event partner for Costume Swap day so please check them out too – it’s an awesome way to save some cash and eliminate unnecessary waste!