Go Green Get Fit Challenge Has Begun – My First Triathlon and A Runner Tip

By Kristie Turck •  Published 06/20/12 •  4 min read

Last updated on February 8th, 2016 at 04:48 pm

Our Go Green, Get Fit Challenge, presented by PlanetShoes.com and 30 Green Bloggers, including myself, began on Monday and I have been so busy (working) kicking some serious fitness butt to blog about it.  I have 2 things to share with you about the previous few days.  On Sunday I completed my first Triathlon event!  It was a “Super Sprint” distance which included a 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike and a 2 mile run.  I am so pleased to say that all my hard work has paid off and I finished it in under an hour which was my goal.  But most of all, I had an absolute blast doing the event and doing it with my good friends. They all rocked it.  But since the GGGF Challenge didn’t start until the next day, I decided to take the week head on and get right back to it.

One of the things that bothers me about races and events is their lack of consideration for the environment.  There are waxed paper cups everywhere and the waste generated by the swag bags is atrocious.  It’s tough for races to be totally eco-friendly but I think they need to start trying harder.  For now, I think refusing the swag bags is a start (really I don’t need all that paper and a bag I’ll never use).  And for longer races I started carrying my own water bottle in my palm so I don’t need to waste the paper cups filled with too strong Powerade.  There has to be a better way.

The other thing I wanted to share was about skin care and fitness.  In the summer, running in the heat can present some chafing issues – for me it’s on my rib cage where my arm rubs.  I have found a great way to help heal that with the use of something safe and natural rather than slathering on chemicals and petroleum.  Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Bottom Balm is the perfect solution.  It soothes and protects while the chafing heals so you’re ready to go another day of sweat and heat.  In a desperate moment I reached for my son’s Bottom Balm and lo and behold, it healed up rather quickly.  It’s really multi-purpose!  I now keep a jar of it in the little guy’s room and one in my bathroom for post shower chafing rescue.  Every athlete should have some handy.

I am getting ready to do a little traveling with the family to the beaches of Delaware… we’ll be bringing our road bikes and running shoes to continue our training.  I have a longer distance triathlon in August and my husband is going to do an Ironman the same month.  So we’ll be sweatin’.  I will post once a week to talk about green fitness products and how the training is going.  Next week I want to discuss sunscreen because natural sunscreen and work outs are giving me grief!

You don’t have to be extreme and train for a marathon to be fit – you just need to get out there and do something healthy for yourself, whatever it is. The Go Green Get Fit Challenge is going to be a ton of fun so join in, follow along and check us out on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!  Also take a look at the amazing ladies involved in our fitness challenge: