Fisher-Price and Mattel Settlement

By Kristie Turck •  Published 03/12/10 •  2 min read

My husband sent me an email the other day about a settlement regarding some Fisher-Price and Mattel toys that were recalled due to high lead content. A lot of these toys are smaller sets that are more for older kids, ones who should know better than to put them in their mouths. But because we realize that a lot of families have older kids and younger kids at the same time, you never want to find out that any of your toys had high contents (or any contents for that matter) of lead. There are also a few toys for babies and younger toddlers on this list as well. You can access the entire pdf copy of the list at the Mattel Settlement website. It gives you all of the instructions you need to take the proper action if any toys you have are on this list.

Before all of this lead and BPA stuff became such a hot topic, I was such a HUGE fan of Fisher-Price toys. We had tons of the brightly colored plastic littering nearly every square inch of our family room and play room. But when they started to treat their customers as if we were naive and acting super secretive about the materials they used, I’ve stood my ground on not buying anything from Fisher-Price. I have to tell you, it’s been hard. Their products make up the majority of the conventional toy market and they’re so visually appealing to kids, just sitting there on the shelves. My mother has been the one to cave and buy some stuff for the kids, against my wishes, and my son LOVES Matchbox and Hot Wheels like every other 3 year old boy. They make their way into our home from relatives. But I have firmly stood my ground about giving them any of my hard earned money. And until they start treating their customers with respect and stop playing the innocent victim in regards to lead in their toys, I refuse to buy anything Fisher-Price for my kids.