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First Aid Naturally With Earth Mama Organics

By Kristie Turck •  Published 07/10/12 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 09:17 am

I am back from a trip to the coast with my family where we spent some time enjoying the beach, boating, clamming, crabbing, and goofing off with relatives.  As relaxing as that sounds, there were also skinned knees, bug bites, sunburns, car sickness, car riding tension and stiffness, chafing from hot weather exercise and overtired cranky kids and parents.  It’s all part of the deal when you travel!

Earth Mama Organics First Aid

Coincidentally I found that many of the products in the Earth Mama Organics arsenal are great for soothing those ailments  – they’re not just for diaper rash.  Although that occurred to thanks to wet diapers at the beach.   Earth Mama Angel Baby uses herbs and essential oils that are old remedies for many of our ailments – you don’t always need chemicals and medicine to cure them.

Happy Mama Spray was created to soothe morning sickness and postpartum.. but the lime and ginger essential oils are great remedies for motion and car sickness (which my son and husband both get), not to mention they have a calming effect that helps with tension causing headaches.  A bottle of this potion can be used on wrists or linens to calm and soothe upset tummies or nausea.

One of my favorite products they make is the Organic Diaper Balm because it has so many uses other than protecting baby butts.  I use it to heal chafing from hot weather exercise, bug bites, and rashes, rough elbows, and on sunburns.   Yes, I use it on butts too.

I also keep a tub of Natural Nipple Butter on my nightstand.  I’ve had one there since I started breastfeeding my second baby and have kept a jar there ever since.  True it is wonderful for sore nipples from breastfeeding and heals them (moist wound healing!) if they get cracked. It saved me.  But once I stopped needing it for that I started using it for other things.  I use it on my cuticles at night, for dry lips, for cuts and scrapes, and most recently on the blisters, I got on my feet from swimming flippers.

Earth Mama Organics lip balm

Finally, I found another great use for their Third Trimester Tea.  They say the tea is designed to be mineral and vitamin-rich to help pregnant mamas get ready for what’s ahead.  I am done having babies (*pout*) but I brewed this tea up and kept it in the fridge.  After a workout or a long day with the kids, this tea is the perfect way to replenish your fluids and your body with iron, calcium, and vitamins from Rose Hip and Red Raspberry Leaf.  It’s refreshing chilled with a few slices of lemon!

So what’s in my First Aid kit with the bandages and tweezers? My Earth Mama Angel Baby First Aide Bundle of course.

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