February EcoCentric Mom & Baby Boxes

By Kristie Turck •  Published 03/01/13 •  6 min read

Last updated on March 14th, 2013 at 07:36 pm

It’s that time again, the February Boxes from EcoCentric Mom were again totally awesome and as usual, my kids ran off with half the snacks.  But I managed to try all the really good stuff (oh yes organic fair trade chocolate and shortbread I’m talking about you).  Here’s what fun surprises awaited us this month in the Mom Box and the Baby Box!

February Mom Box

IN LOVE With Bodycare lip Balm – Anyone who knows me, is aware of my addiction with lip balm.  I have several with me at all times.  I am a lip balm hoarder.  This brand of skin care is new to me but I am actually “in love” with this lip balm.  The flavor is Key Lime Pie and its just a lovely combo of oils to soothe and protect your lips.  No synthetic chemicals or preservatives here.  My lips are buttery soft, which is hard to accomplish in the winter cold!

February Mom Box - Not shown are Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit because my kids took off with it, and I ate the Sjaak's chocolate before I took the photo.  Oops!

February Mom Box – Not shown are Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit because my kids took off with it, and I ate the Sjaak’s chocolate before I took the photo. Oops!

Sjaak’s Organic Milk Chocolate Bar with Almond Butter – If it’s any indication, I at this before I managed to even get a photo of the Mom Box – I ripped into it the second it got here.  So delicious, organic and fair trade.  These would be a great addition to any Easter baskets too.  Mmmm  – Or you can send them to me.  I’ll eat them.

Lush Nuts Dark Cocoa Chili Flavor – Another snack I tore into… a natural healthy snack that feeds your need for a treat without completely ruining your diet.  perfectly amount of crunch and bite. They lasted all of 1 minute in my house. They have some amazing flavors I’d love to try like Cinnamon Spice.  Yes please.

Scrubz Natural Sugar Body Scrubz – I love decadent shower treats too.  My skin is sensitive so I always choose sugar scrubs for my skin and this treat doesn’t disappoint. No harsh petro-chemical ingredients or artificial preservatives.  Sugar, oils and aloe soften you up without the harsh chemicals.

Celadon Road Cucumber Eye Make Up Remover – This is a nice product and feels great compared to the oily stuff I normally use to remove eye make up. It goes on slippery smooth and leaves your skin soft and unharmed.  While not completely chemical free, it is free of parabens and phthalates.  I’m amazed at the softness left behind instead of greasy film.  I enjoyed testing this out.

Life Tree Citrus Dish Soap – This dish soap delivers without the complicated mess of chemicals like in other dish soap.  Cleaned my dishes, smells nice and a little went a rather long way.  There were a hefty amount of samples in this months Mom Box and I haven’t even used two in the past week. Made my hands soft too.

Athena Greek Yogurt Bar – I kind of love all the delicious snacks these boxes provide me, except my kids keep stealing them.  I did manage to try one out and it’s like dessert but with lots of protein, probiotics and Omega 3.  The blueberry samples were really good… so good my kids took off with them, never to be seen again.

Goulibeur French Shortbread – I had no idea that shortbread would be featured in these boxes… two adorable little shortbread cookies came wrapped up and looking delicious.  I’m grateful there were only two because they were so decadent and buttery.  Went perfect with my afternoon tea.  Only 4 ingredients and so good. And buttery.  Did I mention the delicious buttery-ness?

Funky Monkey Fruit Snacks – My youngest saw the cute package in the box, snatched it and ran off outside with his new captured snack.  I didn’t fret too much, since it’s 100% natural freeze dried fruit.  Entire bag gone.  I guess they were good.  I wouldn’t know but they are 3 year old approved over here.

February Baby Box 

I ate the Athena Greek Yogurt Bar out of this one too before I took the shot.  Mmmm - February Baby Box from EcoCentricMom.com

I ate the Athena Greek Yogurt Bar out of this one too before I took the shot. Mmmm – February Baby Box from EcoCentricMom.com

IN LOVE With Bodycare Soothing Salve – A full sized sample of their Soothing Salve which is great for diaper rash or other skin annoyances. I personally stole it for my chapped hands.  I really LOVE the ingredients selection of this line of products and would recommend it highly.  I just adore companies who keep things clean.

Family Bedrock Siliconies Diamond Bangle – I plan to further review this companies products but this month’s Baby Box featured a silicone bangle which looks like jewelry but is safe for baby to chew on.  I really think it’s crucial for mom to look fabulous when no one knows she’s been up half the night with a crying baby thanks to teething.  Hey, smoke and mirrors, right ladies? These stylish bangles are great gifts for new moms and fit in diaper bags easily.  Or slip it on your wrist and no one will be the wiser. They have cool necklaces too.

Lafes Natural Baby Lotion – I discovered Lafes last year when I was hunting for sunscreens (they have an SPF 20 for babies).  Using certified organic ingredients they managed a lightweight lotion that has no scent, which is sometimes hard to find in natural products, typically loaded up with essential oils.  No scent at all and goes on light and not greasy in the slightest.  I stashed this in my gym bag for me actually.  Hey, the kids steal all the snacks, I get to keep some of this stuff!

Celadon Road Green Alligator Bubble Bath – This smells like clean.  Fresh aloe outside clean.  It foams up and makes a massive bubble utopia in the tub. Who wouldn’t love that? Free of parabens, sulfates and dyes and loaded with organic oils and ingredients.  A full size bottle was included in my box and it’s provided lots of bubbly fun.

Also included were the Athena Greek Yogurt bars (so good!), Goulibeur French Shortbreads, LifeTree Dish Soap! (see above), and added perks were a $10 Gift Card to Ringley.ca which creates natural and organic teething toys for baby, a $20 Gift Card to Blue Green Organix which is an online shop for Certified Organic food like meat, poultry, seafood and personal care products.

Start Getting Yours!  I really love the surprise of natural products each month and I think you will too! This would be a great gift for a new mom or baby shower gift.  When you sign up for your EcoCentric Mom box subscription be sure to mention you heard about it here on SafeMama 🙂