FAQ: Nuby Products, Which Ones Are Safe?

By Kristie Turck •  Published 01/17/08 •  2 min read

NubyI’ve gotten a lot of frenzied emails from parents asking about how to tell which Nuby bottles and sippies are in the BPA Free zone. Nuby (Luv n’ Care subsidiary) has a wide range of products. Some are made with BPA Free plastic and some are not. Unfortunately since labeling this on products isn’t yet a requirement it’s overwhelming to discern which are which. Many times companies such as this aren’t as forthcoming with this information in fear of creating a distrust in the safety of their products.

Alicia of The Soft Landing, bless her researching little tuchus, has spoken to the company to find out once and for all what products are PVC, BPA and Phthalate Free. Here is what she says in her blog article:

Nuby, a subsidiary of Luv ‘n Care, is among several companies that offer BPA free bottles, sippys and teethers more by accident than on purpose. Their naming system is utterly confusing, so that many BPA free items sound just like others that do contain BPA. Because they are a foreign company, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on their naming system.

She has also posted photos of Nuby’s BPA Free products including bottles, cups, teethers, spoons, teethers and other feeding items made by Nuby, so you can easily check to see which ones you have or which ones to buy if you are looking for products.