EcoCentricMom May Mom Box Review! (Discount Code)

By Kristie Turck •  Published 07/01/13 •  4 min read

May Mom BoxI am a month behind in reporting my fun box contents thanks to a ton of unexpected traveling with my family but I wanted to share what was in the may Mom boxes from my favorite subscription service EcoCentricMom – boxes are packed with natural and organic brands to try out for a very affordable price.  I love sampling new things without spending a fortune.

Pura Botanica Bath Infusions – I’m a bath girl.  I love a good soak in the tub at the end of a long day, especially in the cooler months. Or after a long training day where I beat up my legs. It’s a relaxing treat. Pura Botanica’s bath infusions are a delightful addition – mineral salts, essential oils and herbs make for a safe relaxing tub time.

Kallari Chocolate – Who doesn’t love a full sized sample? This month’s box came with a full bar of Kallari Chocolate.  Certified Organic, gourmet dark chocolate that tastes delicious! (My kids stole it)

Elma & Sana Argan Oil Lip Balm – I’ve been traveling, and I’ve been carrying this lip balm with me everywhere. It’s smooth and moisturizing and keeps my lips soft all day.  I am a lip balm connoisseur, and this one passes my lip balm test.  It’s a keeper!

doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Lemon Essential Oil – I use essential oils for lots of things. Making my own cleaning products, relaxation potions, bath oils and linen sprays.  I love the pure scents of natural elements like lavender and sweet orange oil.  This month I received a bottle of Lemon essential oil which is great for making a kitchen counter cleaner or for infusing to brighten the scent of a room.

Orgain Certified Organic Nutritional Shake – I have tested these before and love them! I love chocolate milk after a hard work out to recover and these are the perfect size for just that. Loaded with protein, fruit and veggies, complex carbohydrates and 23 vitamins, this is the perfect solution for me! Certified Organic to boot. Tastes delicious!

Gnu Bars Flavor & Fiber – Packed with heart healthy fiber, disguised as a brownie.  How can you go wrong? I try to avoid processed food but I take shortcuts once in a while, especially when travelling or away from home. A high fiber addition to your lunch or snack.

FISIKA Soaps – Along with lip balm, I kind of have a bar soap addiction.  I try not to stock too many at a time because they seem to lose their “oomph” with some shelf time.  So I was jazzed to get a sample of the FISIKA soap in the box this month. Suds and scent are abundant and leave you clean and soft. Pure ingredients and olive oil based soap gets a big thumbs up from SafeMama!

Branch Basics – I make my own when I can but let’s face it, a lot of times I can’t so I rely on cleaning products to get the jobs done. But I prefer to use products that are safe for my family.  Branch Basics comes concentrated so you dilute it yourself to stretch the life of your product.  This months box include a pre-diluted hand cleaner and I’ve carried it with me on my trip out of town – came in “handy” (sorry couldn’t resist). Natural ingredients and enzymes do the work without toxic chemicals.

CocoPlum Soothe Spray – This spray is multi-purpose! Bug Bits, athletes foot, rashes are all soothed away with green tea and essential oils. It also makes a good emergency hand wash. Smells good too!

Purely You Minerals Satin Plum Eye-Shadow – I use mineral make up myself so I am no stranger to the process of using it.  While it can get messy when you first get started I love the look and mostly the ingredients are better. Purely You Minerals goes on beautifully, the color was gorgeous and no icky preservatives or chemicals. Just beauty!

OraMD – I’m always skeptical of products that make big claims but I think this little goodie from OraMD can’t hurt. A 3-in-one mouthwash/toothpaste/breath freshener uses natural ingredients, unlike it’s chemical competition.  I don’t think I’ll give up my normal toothbrushing routine but this little boost can give me some extra protection.

I already have the June Mom Box waiting for me at home and can’t wait to tear into it.  I have so much fun with these boxes and you should too!  Right now if you sign up for a monthly subscription ($21/month – that’s it!)  you can save an extra $3 off with the code “ECOMOM3OFF” (expires on July 13, 2013) so hurry and get your boxes started!