EcoCentric Mom October Mom Box Review

By Kristie Turck •  Published 11/14/12 •  4 min read

October Mom Box from!

It’s November but I wanted to share with you what was in the October Mom Box from EcoCentric Mom – another month of fun and new surprises…

Beauty From Flowers Day Cream – A new to me brand, Beauty From Flowers skin care is a line created with natural and organic ingredients like white tea, seaweed and essential oils. Their Day Cream has a lovely non-greasy texture that goes on very light but leaves your skin feeling soft.  I have sensitive skin and this didn’t irritate at all.  It has a light scent and feels great on hands too.

ecoSTORE USA All Purpose Cleaner – I have been a long time fan of ecoStore’s products and have used their Laundry Liquid for the better part of 2 years. The All Purpose Cleaner is effective, has no strong scent and is safe to use without risk of toxic chemicals and byproducts.  It has a really light citrus scent that works great for kitchens.  It’s also affordable. The “sample” is a FULL size bottle!

Swipes Lovin Wipes – Even though these are “intimate” wipes I found a great use for these.  I do quite a bit of races, and sometimes you need to use the icky porta johns the races provide.  Not my favorite.  In the past I’ve brought Cottonelle wipes with me but these are a perfect alternative.  They’re natural, gentle, biodegradable and flushable.  I’m going to start carrying these with me for races and in my purse for emergencies.  I’m sure they’re great for the “intimate” purpose too.  Ahem : )

yumEarth Organic Lollipops – As much as I wish this wasn’t true, my youngest son has a wicked sweet tooth.  The kid will do just about anything for candy (except using the potty. Apparently no amount of bribing will make that happen).  I use YumEarth Organics for party favors, school treats or I carry them on long car trips or airplane flights.  No artificial dyes, colors, or flavors and they are just as delicious as conventional candy.  I try to limit what kids get but when they do, YumEarth it is!  They also have a variety of other candies you can choose from as alternatives to the dyed stuff.

A Happy Green Life Laundry Wash – I love trying out the laundry products in the EcoCentric Mom boxes each month… what works for one person might not for another due to water ph, mineral balance, softness, scents, etc. There are many factors so finding the right one can be tricky.   If you cloth diaper you know that your laundry soap matters.  A Happy Green Life was formulated to be used on cloth diapers and sensitive skin.  Simple ingredients and essential oil scents (or unscented). I used my sample pack to wash my youngest childs messiest clothes and they came out clean and happy.

Native Touch Green Foot Challenge Set –  I took the Green Foot challenge! I do tend to my feet, like us women do, but they’ve been sadly neglected due to running a marathon recently.  They’re dry and beat up from piling on the miles.    I pampered one foot with the steps provided, using their Suds and Seeds soap to wash, then the Blue Corn Sugar scrub and ended my mini half pampering session with the Rooting Bear Rub.  My foot was softer and smooth with a slight cooling sensation.  I couldn’t help but do the other foot! Purely natural ingredients, no synthetic chemicals.

Zen Society Tea Tree Facial Cleanser – If you have sensitive skin, the less ingredients, the better.  Zen Society’s Tea Tree facial cleanser contains only 6 natural ingredients that are gluten and GMO free, certified organic and vegan.  Super gentle and leaves you feeling clean and soft instead of stripped.  Perfect for winter wind blasted skin!

Organic Indulgences Body Balm – I have used this brand in the past thanks to a fundraiser at my sons school.  I love fat body balm sticks and it’s mainly because they have so many uses, especially this time of year.  I have used them as a lip balm, dry knuckle relief, sore noses, cuticles, any dry chafed spot you can think of.  Organic Indulgence’s products look nice (I am a sucker for nice packaging for gifts) and are made with natural butters and oils including many certified organic ingredients.  Their body wash is yummy too.

Subscribers also got gifted a $15 Gift Card!

The November EcoCentric Mom boxes are shipping really soon, but you can sign up someone you love to get a box of goodies each month – the perfect Holiday Gift for the New, Seasoned or Soon-to-be Mom in your life!