EcoCentric Mom November Mom Box Review

By Kristie Turck •  Published 12/17/12 •  4 min read

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 10:40 am

November Mom Box

Nardo’s Naturals – The November box came equipped with a great bag of samples from this company that prides itself on natural and organic ingredients in all their skin care products.  The Face Cleanser & Exfoliant is light and gentle enough even for sensitive skin, while washing away dirt leaving you clean and soft. They also provided a sample of their Organic Body Lotion which smells and feels like a delicious treat. It’s light enough to use daily and leaves you soft without the feeling of oils like other natural moisturizers. Finally, they provided a full-sized sample of their Peppermint Lip Balm which is certified organic and works like a minty charm! I’ll be ordering from here soon!

The Vapur Anti-Bottle – At first I thought, “Ok another gimmick” but after testing this out I decided it’s a neat way to have water with you on the go.  When it’s full it sits upright, but when you’re done it can be folded up and stored without the added weight of a heavy water bottle.  I kept this little guy with me on a day trip and I was pretty happy to not be lugging around my usual stainless steel bottle. I’m not a huge fan of plastic but it’s BPA Free and made in the USA!

Eli’s Organic Earth Bar – This delicious vegan treat is a great way to enjoy a goodie without straying too far from your clean diet.  These chocolate bars are made with organic ingredients, as well as Fair Trade.  And they are actually delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed the Celebrate Bar which was a creamy coconut caramel bar with almonds.  They have three yummy flavors and they donate 5% of every sale to a charitable organization that benefits children. Can’t beat that.

Natural Newborn Vapor Rub – For years parents used petroleum based vapor rubs to calm chest colds and stuffy noses at night.  But there is a more natural way to ease those discomforts rather than slathering on the petrochemicals.  Natural Newborn, which was a sample in the November boxes is a great alternative.  Instead of pertoluem, they use a natural base infused with essential oils like eucalyptus to create the same soothing aromatic effect.  Works great on mom and dad too!  A mom’s emergency staple item.

Hero Nutritional Yummi Bears DHA – I have been using Hero products for years, as a multi vitamin for my kids.  The November Mom box featured a full sized bottle of their Yummi Bears DHA gummies for kids.  Contains purified fish oil without the fishy taste.  Kids love them and they are allergy, gluten and dairy free.

Happy Family Happy Squeeze Smoothies – I have blogged about Happy Family products in the past.  Needless to say I love their food products and kids snacks simply because I love the convenience and the healthier ingredients.  My youngest slurped up the three FULL SIZED samples this month faster than you can say “Blueberry Apple & Purple Carrot” or Kiwi Banana Apple with Super Grain Salba”!  Easy to keep handy, fits in lunch boxes and they are certified organic.  I’ve always been a fan, and so have my kids!

Also included were some great deals and gifts.  Herbal Animals Eyepillow provided a $5 Gift Card towards one of their herb stuffed animal pillows that soothe you to sleep – great for older kids and adults.  Be soothed to sleep with the smell of lavender and peppermint.   Green Cupboards also provided a $10 Gift Card in their online store – they carry items for baby, kids, health, beauty, home and pets that are all eco-friendly.

Lastly, a special offer from Lunapads!  If you aren’t already familiar with the brand, they specialize in sustainable alternatives to disposable feminine care products.  Included was a coupon for a FREE pantyliner sample so you can try before you buy!

If I’m not mistaken, the December EcoCentricMom Boxes went out this week so if you haven’t signed up for this great service for yourself or for a loved one, or expecting mother, do so now!  Let them know sent you 🙂

For All Canada Moms…because Ecocentric Mom only ships within the US, they have teamed up with a brand new subscription box company based in Canada.  This new company only ships within Canada.  If you live in Canada and would like to receive monthly eco-friendly mom and baby boxes, please visit to sign-up and tell them Kathy sent you!