EcoCentric Mom March Mom Box

By Kristie Turck •  Published 04/17/13 •  5 min read

photo (32)I’m a little late in reporting on the fantastic goodies I received in the March Mom Box from  I probably sound like a broken record but I really do enjoy getting a box of fun eco-friendly surprises each month.  Somehow, each month seems to coincide with something going on with me.  This month provided a great selection:

Mama Willow Tree Green Tea Herbal Eye Balm – This little tube of loveliness is exactly what I need when I’m tired and not ready to be up at 6am with the kids.  Packaged in a lip balm tube this glides on smooth and smells lightly like herbs and green tea.  natural and organic ingredients that help de-puff and brighten dark circles. 5% of all sales are donated to a non-profit supporting women and children.  How can you go wrong? Check out their other products on the website.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar – I just brought these along on my last long bike ride for a quick mid-ride snack.  They come two in a pack (you can share! Or not).  I loved the Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig bars and they kept me happy until I could eat a proper meal. All natural and kosher

Amazing Grass Kidz Wild Berry – Nothing can really take the place of kids eating vegetables but you try to stuff as much as you can in them while you have the ability, right? Amazing Grass is a great product, and I’ve used the regular adult versions for myself in smoothies and juices. This powder packs in an “amazing” amount of fruit and vegetable powders and somehow make it taste good. Love this stuff!

Heaven’s Alchemy Exquisite Perfumes – Commercial perfumes, while trendy and smell nice, are a big source of hormone disrupting phthalates and other toxic ingredients adding to your body burden   I am not huge on perfume but when I do, I opt for natural perfumes that are based on natural oils rather than scented alcohols.  Oil based perfumes last longer and you end up using less. Heaven’s Alchemy has a great line of perfumes free of alcohol, parabens, phthalates, dyes, or animal by-products. They smell gorgeous too.

Treefort Naturals Hemp Lemongrass Soap – I am kind of addicted to bar soaps and have quite a stock pile of them from local farmers markets. One thing I noticed is that I gravitate towards lemongrass and citrus scents.  They’re so fresh. Treefort Naturals provided a chunk of their Hemp lemongrass soap in March’s Mom box and it smells divine.  This soap lathers well, and rinses clean.  the fresh lemony scent makes this a perfect kitchen hand soap. Simply natural oils, that’s it.

Essence of Vali’s Sleep – I don’t usually have trouble sleeping. If you know me, I train for triathlons so I am pretty zonked out by 9:30pm.  However, I love the smell of natural lavender.  It reminds me of my mother and her house and all things related to being home with your mom taking care of you.  So I enjoy lavender oil often and this is a really nice authentic blend.  Lavender is known for relaxation effects so it’s worth a try if you haven’t! Even I can use some help unwinding from time to time.

Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables Snack Chips – I had no trouble testing these out.  In fact I ate the whole bag sitting at my computer (that’s healthy behavior) and realized it was gone in about 3 minutes.  I guess that’s a good sign that they’re tasty. I can’t believe I managed to keep these away from my kids! Delicious!

Go Raw Spirulina Energy Bar – Ok. I really try to be open minded and I had to be in the case of these spirulina energy bars.  I mean they just don’t look all that appetizing but I figure hey, it’s certified organic, and is nut/wheat/gluten free so try it for the sake of others.  They actually don’t taste all that bad if you can get past the color.  These are also loaded with Omega-6 and would make a great compact hiking companion.  Healthy calories that don’t take up too much room in your pack.

Waxelene The Petroleum Jelly Alternative – I have always been on the “no petroleum” bandwagon, especially since there are ways to avoid it.  Why use that big tub of petroleum when you could use a natural alternative that works the same.  Waxelene is the way forward.  Natural oils and vitamin E to help heal and moisturize chapped lips, chafing, dry skin and for removing make up.  Don’t put petroleum on you!

EBOOST – There are a lot of supplements and immunity boosters on the market, it’s hard to know what’s actually going to work and what’s just a bunch of nonesense.  EBOOST is a natural vitamin supplement that utilizes green tea extract for the energy component rather than caffeine.  No food dyes and made with natural flavors. Loaded with B vitamins, gluten and soy free. Tastes good too!

Also featured were some gift cards from Sprout San Francisco ($10), Mineral Hygienics ($15), and iTRAIN ($50). There was also a cute set of postcards from Hazel Village which creates handmade organic cotton animals for kids. Super cute!  I feel compelled to mention that most the products featured in the boxes provide shopping discounts.

COUPON: If you decide to sign up, (these make great creative gifts for new or pregnant mommies) use the code ECOMOM10 for 10% off your purchase.  You can choose monthly or buy in bulk to save some cash.