EcoCentric Mom July Baby Box Review

By Kristie Turck •  Published 07/31/13 •  6 min read

July Baby Box

Let’s have a look at what came to me this month from – The July Baby Box featured a ton of great stuff!

BabySoy Duo Color Socks – These cutie little booties are made mostly from soy azlan, a soft, sustainable natural soybean protein fiber.  BabySoy also makes layette items like blankets, onesies, bibs, rompers and hats all in pretty colors! They are cute and stylish to boot.  Would make a great gift for a new or expecting mommy. This months baby box came with an adorable pair of socks!

Wellements Baby Organic Gripe Water – When my kids were little I would do anything to relieve their crying but never felt good about using gripe water.  I wish I knew about this product when they were crying the night away! Wellements Baby Gripe Water is Certified Organic and it’s great for upset tummies, gas, teething, and hiccups in infants. All organic ingredients and natural flavor make this a great choice against the conventional gripe water at stores.  You can simply add to breastmilk, formula or a little water to make your life easy or just with the provided oral dispenser.  I never liked giving kids medicine since it’s so junked up with crazy chemical ingredients.  I’d feel much better using a Certified Organic natural remedy. Thumbs up from SafeMama!

LARABAR ALT Protein Bars – The Alternative Protein bar!  They put a goodie for mom in the baby Box this month. 🙂 I am a protein eating machine.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the pack of natural protein snacks on the market.  I don’t need to be stuffing myself with whey protein all the time and if you’re vegan, you can’t.  LARABAR has made a new line of snack bars that are loaded with 10g of protein to keep you full and it’s made with pea protein, along with other natural ingredients.  These are vegan, gluten free, Non-GMO and Kosher.  And they taste good! I just saw them at my local grocery store too so you can find them easily!

Wellinhand Kiddie Calmer Sea Baths – Sprinkle this into your or baby’s bath for a dose of calming scented water to soothe them to sleep.  All natural ingredients, no chemicals, and responsible sea salts used to make this product great for anyone needing relaxation!  Sleep is a great remedy for many of our daily ailments and getting there is easier after exposure to these calming ingredients.  I used this in my kids baths and they slept like angels.  I took some for Mommy too.

Milky! – This little herbal tea supplement is meant to aid breastfeeding moms in encouraging milk production quality and quantity. I’m  not in love with the preservative choice  but a shot of Milky which is made with natural ingredients,  features Fenugreek  and Fennel which are known to increase milk supply and aid in let down.

Bumkins SuperBib – I love Bumkins!  I found this brand years ago when we were all looking for bibs without lead in them.  These bibs are great especially for travel and diaper bags because they fold up all small and tidy and they wash up with your laundry perfectly!  I had many when my kids were little and I always recommend their products!  This months box included a Keith Harring adorned SuperBib which are always PVC, Phthalate, lead and BPA free. I love Bumkins!

Aromatics and Herbs Not Just For Butts Diaper Rash Salve – This month’s box came with a sample of this salve which is great for all kinds of skin ailments like eczema, burns and scrapes, (and cuticles).  Safe for cloth diapers and made with organic ingredients so you can;t really go wrong.  I love to support smaller businesses with my shopping and this would be a great one to start with!

Greene Street Soap – I immediately liked this Oatmeal soap sample from Greene Street Soap, purely because they are based in my favorite city Philadelphia.  Handcrafted natural soaps made with organic butters and essential oils.  These vegan soaps perform and the oatmeal is a soothing addition to your shower arsenal!  It appears their site is not working but you can visit their Facebook page for updates! I plan on ordering a few things when they are up and running.

Nourish Reusable Food Pouch – I was mildly confused with this at first but if you make your own baby food and want an easy way to have it ready on the go, these reusable pouches rival the non-recyclable food pouches sold at stores.  You can refill and reuse and they are BPA and PVC free as well as recyclable! I would imagine you could use them for water or milk too. They’re pretty cute too!

NurturMeals Organic Dry Meal Pouches – These are like nothing I’ve seen before – a great discovery!  NurturMeals makes DRY food that you can easily mix with water, breastmilk or formula to make a baby food puree in minutes. These certified organic pouches pack a mean nutritional meal and would be great for travel! They come in healthy combinations like Peas, Quinoa and Apples(and guess what the ingredients are in that one – yes, peas, quinoa and apples.  That’s it.)  These 4 ounce servings are also Non-GMO, gluten free and USDA Certified Organic.  July’s baby box came with 3 full sized samples and if you are a subscriber you could take advantage of the online discount.

Cascadian Farm Oats & Honey Crunchy Granola Bars – As a biker, I am always carrying snacks with me on rides to keep me going through the long miles.  I love taking granola with me and Cascadian Farm products tend to go where I go.  These granola bars have fewer ingredients, wholesome ingredients and great flavors. These are great lunchbox snacks too.

Are you a subscriber yet? I really love the variety of the samples in each box I get and really, these are more than just samples! Full sized products!  Not only do you get all this great stuff but almost every product featured comes with a discount code as well as Expert Tips from people like yours truly 🙂  Head on over to and sign up for yourself (it’s so fun!) or I keep saying this would be an AWESOME gift for someone.  You can choose the length of your service (And you can pick from the Mom, Mom-To-Be, and Baby themed boxes) but if you choose the $21/month box service you can use this ECOMOM10 coupon code good for 10% off!