EcoCentric Mom: August Mom Box Review!

By Kristie Turck •  Published 10/01/13 •  4 min read

IMG_5568It’s that time again… I want to show you what awesome goodies you might be missing out on in these fabulous EcoCentric Mom subscription boxes! Lots of great products this month.

Pure + Remedy – This month’s Mom box came equipped with four samples of Pure + Remedy’s facial moisturizers!  I am always weary of natural skin care products but these were really luxurious and lovely, made with many certified organic ingredients. Light and not greasy, perfect for chapped winter skin protection without the heaviness.

Possum Hollow Farm Soap – Made right in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a place close to my heart, this family owned soap company has been around for 15 years crafting natural hand-made soaps.  I would love a bar of every single scent combination if possible.  This month I was treated to a bar of Karen’s Red ROse soap… I don’t know how they knew I loved rose scented products but I do and this one is no exception. Thank you Possum Hollow Farm for feeding my addiction to bar soap!

Suncoat Sugar Based Natural Mascara – Finding natural make up not loaded with chemicals and junk is tricky. Made with natural ingredients and pigments, you can feel better and look gorgeous without the risk.  It looks great on, and washes off easily at night.

Suncoat Girl Nail Polish – Along with the mascara there was a bottle of Suncoat Girl water based nail polish to try out too! I don’t have the best luck using natural polishes because I’m impatient. While not totally chemical free it is free of phthalates, tolune, formaldehydes and dyes.  I got a cute pink shade to test out!

Moontime Tea’s Organic Fertility Blend – I was afraid to drink this because I seriously don’t need any more kids, but if you are looking for an added tasty tea boost to your fertility this might be fun to try.  “Naturally caffeine free herbs used since ancient times to support reproductive function: organic red raspberry, organic nettles, organic red clover and organic peppermint”.  Sounds good and I’ll take their word for it!

ips All Natural Chips – I am new to these snacks and am already hooked. These tasty pressure puffed snacks are made with corn and egg whites, making these a protein healthy snack for not a lot of calories, sodium or sugar. Non-GMO, natural ingredients and a step or two up from conventional snacks as far as nutrition goes. I’d love these for my kids lunchboxes for a treat.

Untrash Compostable Trash Bags – Trashbags are a huge source of waste in the world.  They clog water ways and trash heaps causing environmental damage we might not have such an easy time un-doing.  These commercially compostable trash bags might be the answer if your area accepts them.  Just make sure what you put in them is compostable too.

Truebar by Bakery On Main – I love a good snack bar that isn’t loaded with sugar, but add to that some valuable nutrition and I’m on board.  Truebars are packed with Omega-3 are non-GMO, Gluten free and Kosher. Perfect sized snack for your gym bag or diaper bag when you’re stuck without lunch handy. Looks like they have some great flavor combinations but I really liked the Walnut Cappucino Bar I sampled!

MacroLife Naturals Coco Greens & Berry Reds Super-Foods – Mix these vitamin and antioxidant rich supplement boosters to milk or water to give kids a healthy dose of power.  Vitamins, Probiotics, calcium and Minerals for healthy minds and bodies. They taste like chocolate and my kids loved them… all natural and 70% certified organic ingredients.

Also in the box is a load of discounts for all the brands above  so if you haven’t signed up for your EcoCentric Mom boxes yet hurry up and go! They are really an awesome treat for you, a friend, or an expectant mom. If you get a $21/Month subscription and use ECOMOM10 at checkout you’ll get 10% off!

I already have the next box sitting here waiting for me to tear into it!