EcoCentric Mom August Baby Box Review

By Kristie Turck •  Published 08/29/12 •  4 min read

August Baby Box from

I was able to check out the contents of the August Baby Box from EcoCentric Mom this month and yet again, pleased to see the surprises people got in their mail.  This months brochure also feature’s another EcoCentric mom Expert, Diane MacEchern from Big Green Purse, who shared her tips on what to avoid in baby soaps and shampoos.  Along with that are some great fitness tips from Expert Alysa Bajenaru from on how to tone up.

Featured in this month’s baby box were a handful of really great products to test out:

Happy Family Organic Baby Food – Boxes had 2 full sized pouches for baby to try out along with some coupons.  I have used Happy Baby food products for my kids when they were babies and was happy to have an organic option for carrying around in my diaper bag while going here and there.  Moms need a little convenience from time to time and it’s great to be able to provide healthier options to snack on.

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder – Laundry detergent that is free of harsh chemicals and safe for sensitive skin.  This ultra concentrated formula is perfect for baby clothes or for anyone with sensitive skin.  Fragrance and Dye free while gentle on clothes and skin.

Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bags – I am a huge fan of reusable snack bags since plastic bags are such a big source of waste.  This month’s box had a Lunchskin Snack Bag that we put to use right away. They are free of harmful materials and are totally dishwasher safe – I know, I tested the claim about 20 times so far. Less waste, and they’re cute!

Enfusia Cocoon Baby Wash – I was new to this brand myself! See? Even SafeMama finds new products.  Enfusia creates baby bath time products without parabens, sulfales or phthalates and focuses on gentle cleansing and essential oils.

JourneysMother Baby Booty Butter Pellets – These are pretty cool.  They are little lotion bars that are perfect for diaper rash or razor burn.  Mom and baby alike can benefit from the natural ingredients and the zinc oxide to help heal.  No water means no icky preservatives.

Baby Bug Magazine – Ok backstory for me: My neighbor gave me a huge stack of these books when my first son was little.  We loved these and had so much fun reading them together. Little illustrated stories and poems to read together.  It’s a great subscription service.  I recommend them.  I have a fondness for the Kim & Carrots stories. Loved seeing a new copy of this in this month’s Baby Box.  Warmed my heart.

New Jammies Gift Certificate – I have reviewed New Jammies in the past.  They are 100% certified organic cotton pajamas in fun prints and patterns for both boys and girls alike. They are soft, comfy and last a long time. The August Baby Box featured a $10 gift certificate towards a new set to check out. I promise you’ll love them!

Natural Newborn Diaper Defense Cream – A sample of this zinc free and cloth diaper friendly Diaper Balm that is made entirely of natural ingredients. Also great for bug bites, scrapes and burns. Subtle natural scent and a great skin protectant.  Natural oils and butters soothe and protect.

Ecover  Natural Dishwashing Liquid – This month has a sample sized bottle of Ecover’s Dish Liquid to scrubble away grease and grime from your dishes. No triclosan or pthalates to contend with!

Along with all this there are handfuls of coupons and discount codes to go with the products so that’s a nice little bonus too!

If you haven’t signed up you’re missing out on all the fun goodies each month.  I love getting a box of new products to try out without wrecking my budget.  If you want to give it a try for 3 months you can sign up here.  Let them know sent you.  I wouldn’t support EcoCentric Mom if I didn’t believe in what they’re doing to find great products and improve as they go.