Ditching Waste In Baby Steps with Glass Straws

By Kristie Turck •  Published 05/21/11 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 12:30 am

My iced coffee with Glass straw

I was at the Palm Beach Zoo a few weeks ago with my boys – it’s something I do with them on a regular basis.  We stopped for lunch at the “cafe” before heading over to the Tiger exhibit and we ordered waters for the table.  When they were delivered they were in tall cups with no lids or straws because the zoo doesn’t use them.  It’s safer for the animals and it’s wasteful.  I was thrilled and found myself thinking “Why isn’t it like this everywhere?“.  Something so small as a plastic straw fills up so much un-recycled trash.. think about how many are used at sports stadiums, restaurants, airports… we protect the environment and the animals at the zoo, why not every animal everywhere?

The cost of convenience is contributing to a trash-filled earth where there are literally islands of garbage the size of Texas floating in the ocean.  That’s purely disgusting.  I’m not perfect, but I make an effort to recycle, to buy things with less packaging and to reuse what I have rather than buy something new.  I am working on giving up wasteful things in my home and trying with all my might to educate my kids to be aware of and respect the planet we live on instead of treating it like our own personal dump.

Enter glass straws into my life. I had heard of glass straws before and never took the step to try them because I had a very distinct vision of how they were.  “Glass straws? And kids? That is never going to work.”  But I tried, and I changed. Glass straws are a brilliant solution.  Glass is nonleaching and is my favorite material to use for food. There is something that makes your meals and drinks special when you use glass and using a glass straw, makes your afternoon iced tea feel like an indulgent treat.  It’s a pampered feeling!

Glass Dharma’s straws are durable and feel good in your hand. they have a nice weight to them and not in a negative way.  This is my STRAW! They come in a few fun varieties but I have to admit my favorite is their Beautiful Bends straw which essentially is a plain glass straw with a subtle angle.  I’ve been using it daily.  They also come in varying lengths ranging from 6 ¼ inches to 10 inches.  The daintier sizes (7mm thickness) are fun for cocktails but my kids like them with the decorative dots.  The dots also prevent them from rolling which is key with kids. Plus they look cute.

You can purchase a hemp sleeve for carrying your straw in your bag (I’ve been carting mine around for 2 weeks and no breaks.)  I’ve gotten a couple of compliments on it while out and about too… people are more open to the idea of a reusable straw than I originally thought.




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