Cool Find: BuggyGuard Retractable Stroller Lock

By Kristie Turck •  Published 10/23/10 •  2 min read

Sometimes I get a sample in the mail of  a kid gadget and my first thought when I see it is “Why on earth would I need this?”.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of inventions and kid gear out there that we just don’t need.  However, sometimes I go about testing those things anyway to give them the benefit of the doubt and am surprised at how useful or nice to have, an item is.  This is how I felt about BuggyGuard.  In tandem with testing the BuggyGuard out on a recent trip to Disney World, I was also product testing a fancy higher end stroller that I had some worries would get walked off with.  Not that that has happened to me personally… but having lived in cities in the past, I have a basic instinct to protect my belongings (And let’s not even talk about how my very expensive wallet was stolen out of my own car IN MY DRIVEWAY last July).

So when I go to places like Disney World or public parks where you need to ‘park” your stroller and go do the fun things with the kids, I am always in the back of my head slightly worried about someone walking off with my stuff.  Cut back to my recent family vacation to Disney where I brought along the BuggyGuard to check it out.

It’s very simple to use and set up and use.  You press a small button on the side to release the 4 1/2 foot cable which is thin enough to weave around most spaces.  I’d thread it through the back tires and lock it up when visiting attractions at the park.  It worked great to lock 2 strollers together so when park employees move your strollers (they do that at Disney)they at least stay together.  They tend to not move them too far if they’re hard to move so you don’t spend as much time searching for the relocated stroller.

The BuggyGuard utilizes a 4 digit customizable locking mechanism that is easy to set and reset (if you know how). Overall, cute product that works well for travelling. It’s a “nice to have” item that would make a cute gift.

Get One! BuggyGuard comes in 4 animal shapes and you can find them online in a few major retailers. Visit for more locking ideas and to find a retailer.