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Coke and Del Monte Plot to Deceive Consumers about BPA

By Kristie Turck •  Published 06/09/09 •  2 min read

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 11:16 pm

soda-canI wrote last week about the meetings manufacturers had regarding the public view of BPA.  Since then the meeting notes we’re leaked to the Internet and many of us were fuming that companies like Coca Cola and Del Monte were discussing using scare tactics and a pregnant woman role model to change our perception of BPA (which is found in the lining of most canned goods and soda).

As consumers, we’re entitled to know truths about what our food is exposed to and since BPA has come into the spotlight we’ve seen study after study showing potentially harmful effects of exposure.  I won’t list it all out here again but we’re not naive to BPA anymore and finding out that companies would rather spend money on deceiving us than to take advantage of an opportunity to use an alternative (which is already in effect in Japan so don’t give me that “there is no other option” baloney) is a real testament to how big companies view its consumers: As a bunch of people who are too stupid to know better.  Well … we’re not. And we want to tell you so.

The Environmental Working Group has launched a new effort to help those who want to express their disgust to companies entertaining the idea of deceiving consumers about BPA.  Visit the EWG for phone numbers to Coke and Del Monte so you can tell them yourself.

Coca-Cola: 1-800-GET-COKE, then press 2
Del Monte: 1-800-543-3090

You can express your disgust about their unethical ideas to deceive consumers any way you like really, but the EWG has a sample script in case you’re not sure how to approach it.

“”Hello, My name is ______________. I’m shocked and disappointed in your unethical approach to business when it comes to BPA – placing profits ahead of my family’s health and using fear tactics to placate consumers about a clearly dangerous chemical. The BPA needs to go – NOW. Thank you.”

If you’re not planning on participating, remember the impact we had on BPA in baby products.  Everywhere you go baby items say BPA Free now and it wasn’t like that just a year ago.  We as consumers and parents have made a difference.. with every phone call, letter, or blog entry.  We are more powerful than you think.

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