Certified Organic Snack Bars by Pure Organics

By Kristie Turck •  Published 02/09/11 •  4 min read

I’m sure you’ve seen a few reviews of these floating around the green community the last few days and there is one thing we all agree on: Eating organic food on a constant basis isn’t an easy task when you have a busy life… and let’s face it, we all are busy in our own right. Work, errands, kids, pets, sports, family activities… there is always something keeping us busy.  While I aim to make healthy meals as much as possible, I find myself out running around and positively starving without notice.  Pure Bars are a really nice solution to on-the-go eating when you want to choose something healthy and organic.

Pure Bars come in 6 flavors: Chocolate Brownie, Wild Blueberry, Cherry Cashew, Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Orange, and Trail Mix.  All the bars use is organic natural ingredients like organic nuts, berries, fruit and seeds. Each bar has about five grams of organic fiber and almost seven grams of organic protein, making it a wise weapon in the fight against munchies.

After sampling all the flavors I definitely have a few favorites and others were not exactly my “thing” although other people might disagree depending on your personal tastes. My favorites were definitely the Apple Cinnamon which has a not to powerful sweet flavor and a fresh appeal to it.  I also really liked the Cranberry Orange which and the Cherry Cashew which both had unexpected flavor and texture.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the Chocolate Brownie Bar.  It was the first one I went for and admittedly, it grew on me a little once I gave it a chance. I think I would have liked it better if they hadn’t called it a brownie.  Their Trail Mix bar is more of a granola tasting bar and would be perfect for hikes or just for long days of running around.  The Wild Blueberry is good but in general I am not personally a fan of blueberry anything (though I do eat fresh blueberries often). If you like dried blueberries though you’ll enjoy this one.

They all have a thick and almost grainy texture so you know you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck in each bar.  As a Weight Watchers person I’d use these as a meal replacement (they are roughly 5 PointsPlus for those who also follow along).  As a bonus, my kids liked the fruit versions of these and came in handy in a pinch while trying to get grocery shopping done.  Extra bonus, their snack was totally organic and nutritious instead of some lame crackers or other junk.

These bars are Certified Organic and kosher and feature all raw ingredients so you get the maximum nutrition from the components of each bar.

Pure Organics is offering up a Buy One Get One Free coupon if you are interested in trying them out! If you visit the Pure Bar website and fill out a quickie form you can print out your coupon and bring it to participating stores.

If you are interested further, check out their Pure Bar Facebook page and enter to win their contest for a Trip for Two to Costa Rica and years supply of Pure Bars.  Submit your tip on living a healthy lifestyle – a winner will be chosen on February 21st!

Pure Organics provided me with samples of their product and compensation in the form of a small gift card.  This prompted my review but did not alter the results or my opinions. The opinions expressed here are my own and I would never share a product with you that wasn’t safe for you or myself.
buy one get one free coupon that they can print and bring into stores. http://thepurebar.com/offers/buy-one-get-one-free/