Book Review: My Mommy Is A Blogger

By Kristie Turck •  Published 09/28/11 •  2 min read

Just to change the pace for a minute I wanted to quick tell you about this cute little children’s book.  It’s written by one of my favorite green bloggers, Sommer Poquette who’s famous for her blog Green and Clean Mom!  She decided to write a children’s book to illustrate what it is we mom bloggers do every day. (What DO you do?) We read a lot, we write a lot and it’s tough to explain what we do to kids.  Until now!

I couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishment with this book.  Sommer has written a cute depiction of a Mom Blogger explaining her job to her daughter Josie.  It breaks it down for the kids in basic terms and explains our job to them in a fun and entertaining way.  I’ve read it to my own son several times because he has chosen it as part of his bedtime reading on many occasions.  The illustrations are colorful and cute and the story is a great length to keep them interested.  I hope you’ll check it out and support our own Green and Clean Mom! It really is a cute and charming book.  She did a wonderful job with it and I think you and your ids will definitely enjoy it.

Get A Copy: You can purchase her book My Mommy Is A Blogger on her website and on (Psst! If you use the code xmas30 when buying a book through her website you’ll get 30% off!)