Book Review: He’s Not Autistic, But…..

By Kristie Turck •  Published 07/22/08 •  2 min read

Last updated on August 1st, 2008 at 03:05 pm

Ok, so this is the last I’ll post on Autism for now, but this is been something I’ve been meaning to review for a couple of weeks now. I stumbled across this book called, He’s Not Autistic, But… How We Pulled Our Son From The Mouth of the Abyss, By Tenna Merchant, M.H. I found this book through another blogger (Nature Mom Blog, I believe) and I was immediately intrigued. I ordered a copy of it and waited eagerly.

This book is almost as if it’s a look into a personal journal written in sort of a time-line form. The chapters are short and the book itself is a fairly quick read, but Tenna keeps you intrigued by her chronicles of her son’s first two years of life and how she tried to fight in bringing him back from the brink. Everything from her struggles with her pediatrician constantly pushing vaccines on her chronically sick baby, to finding homeopathic remedies, which is what ultimately saved her and her son. She sort of lost me at the end of the book in regards to God and working miracles. I definitely applaud anyone who has faith, especially after going through hell and back, but I’m just not a religious person. Spiritual, not religious. I’m not saying it’s not something to think about, however.

Tenna makes a lot of mention about homeopathy and alternative medicine. I think there have been lots of advances in homeopathy in regards to helping people who have been affected by a disorder that’s as a result of environmental factors, but also, this shouldn’t take the place of a qualified doctor when necessary. Finding a good doctor or pediatrician is important, and it’s possible to incorporate both into your life. I will say that she’s a great inspiration and made more interested in homeopathy. Her book is one that I will keep close at hand to refer back to.

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