Better Baby Bums Eco-Friendly Diapers Review (& Giveaway!)

By Kristie Turck •  Published 03/03/10 •  4 min read

Last updated on March 11th, 2010 at 11:10 pm

I had the distinct pleasure to have been able to try out two different types of eco-friendly “disposable” diapers over the last week.  A great company, Better Baby Bums, which was founded by two mothers who were passionate about finding safer and more earth friendly ways of caring for their children.  They opened Better Baby Bums to sell all the products that they discovered.  From diapers to bottles and baby toys, they offer a nice selection of unique products.

The first brand of diapers were the Bambo Nature brand which is produced in Denmark (I couldn’t find any English on the packaging!) The core of the diaper is made with corn starch (instead of that weird chemical gel stuff) and completely biodegradable.  These have a very “Pampers” appeal to them with cute little pink bunnies on the waist and have cinched leg seams so prevent leaks.  They also feature a watermark on the front so you can see when the diaper has been soiled.  These fit my 7 month old great and we had zero leaks.. and believe me, my kid can leak through a diaper faster than a speeding bullet. Never had such a leaky child!  These diapers are also chlorine free and they use an oxygen delignification process in combination with hydrogen peroxide or ozone to whiten it. No more brown diapers!  For those who are attached to their old Pampers diapers this would be a great alternative – they’re very comparable and work just as well, only better because they aren’t going to petrify in a landfill.

The second brand we tried out were 100% compostable diapers made by Broody Chick.  I think these are so cool.  Instead of waiting for a diaper to biodegrade, these you can put right into your compost pile. These are free of plastic and chlorine and use a plant based gel in the absorbent core.  I really really loved these diapers and not just for their eco-friendly features.  They fit my baby great and I was really surprised at the softness -which is my peeve with most diapers. They’re soft, they fit great and we had no leaks.  Not one.  I also really loved that they were plain.  Does every diaper on the market need some ridiculous cartoon character on it? Your kids are peeing in them not playing with them! Yay for plain diapers!  Everything about Broody Chick Diapers is eco-friendly… from the recycled box, to the compostable bag they come wrapped in.

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