BeeCeuticals Re-Review & Giveaway!

By Kristie Turck •  Published 06/24/08 •  3 min read

Last updated on May 29th, 2009 at 10:09 pm

I know I have raved about BeeCeuticals Organics in the past. However, now that the site has come to many new people’s attention I feel it’s definitely warranted to bring it up again. We focus so much of our time and energy on our kids but us safe moms want some pampering without the parabens. I discovered BeeCeuticals Organics from a commercial on the Howard Stern show over a year ago but since then, and since becoming seriously hooked on their products… I am now a devout believer and follower. I really cant say enough about this company. Why? Because they use as much certified organic fair trade ingredients as is humanly possible to find. They care about their environmentally friendly packaging, they care about the environment… they offset 100% of their power usage with Green-e certified wind and solar power energy…. and they care about saving the bees! bzzzz…

But enough about how caring they are. What I want to focus on is their products. Sure they are a great company but are their products great? YES. I started out trying a few things here and there and fell in love with their Bee-yond Body Balm™. I had a few peeves about it but once I was past them I fell head over soft supple heels. Imagine my shock when they FIXED my peeves with a reformulation. Now, this stuff is heavenly perfect. It works some serious rough feet miracles that no foot balm has ever fixed for me. I use it all over the place now and plow through a container a month. Its great for dry hands, lips, rough spots, feet, elbows, cuticles… it softens everything without saturating you with some awful petroleum like other balms.

I am also a self professed lip balm addict. I have about 12 in my diaper bag. I wish I was kidding. BeeCeuticals lip balms are my favorite. I dig through the pile in my bag to find my BeeCeuticals lip balms over all others. I recently learned also that some natural and even organic lip balms are packaged in polycarbonate plastic. Big natural name brands that sell at natural food stores. They don’t mark the tubes. What a dirty little secret! BeeCeuticals Organics packages all their products in safe recyclable materials and plastics and are making moves towards glass containers soon as well. No polycarbonate lip balm for me thanks!

They have 3 new flavors of lip balm available: Blueberry, Peach and my personal favorite, Raspberry. I am hoarding 2 of them as we speak. No one gets my raspberry BeeCeuticals.

Win it!

One lucky reader will receive a tub of Bee-yond Body Balm™. To Enter, check out the BeeCeuticals Organics website. Send an email* to safemama [at] with the subject “Save The Bees!” and tell us what BeeCeuticals Organics lip balm flavor you’d love to try. Giveaway ends Friday July 11th, 2008 at midnight EST. We’ll announce the winner here and we’ll be submitting winner info to PRIZEYWinners so you can check there to see if you’ve won as well. Contest has ended.

*your email address will never be shared or used to email you. It will only be used to notify you if you win.