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Baby Proofing with Rhoost

By Kristie Turck •  Published 09/14/10 •  3 min read

Last updated on August 20th, 2022 at 09:17 am

I baby-proofed my home with my first son and never had too much trouble with him getting into dangerous places.  He was content enough to hurt himself on the plain old driveway more than anything else.  With my second, however, it’s a totally different story.  He gets into everything, touches everything and pays attention to what my first child never bothered with, like light sockets, wires, cabinets, and child locks.  He actually figured out how to wedge his chubby little hand through a child-locked cabinet under the sink and pull out the one small bottle of cleaner that would fit through the hole. He’s like a baby magician.

So when I discovered his admiration for adventure I baby-proofed the house as well as I possibly could.  Even f it meant using packing tape and bubble wrap. I learned about Rhoost a while ago and then they were one of our great sponsors at the Green Soiree in August. Rhoost is a really innovative company that has finally incorporated style into babyproofing materials. Gone are the days of big ugly cabinet locks.  We now don’t have to look like a daycare center in here… instead, we can be childproofed and maintain the look of an adult stylish home (well aside from the toys all over the place).

One area that always worried me is our TV cabinet. It’s one of those double-door things that fold back to reveal the TV.  Only the doors don’t push all the way inside the cabinet (probably because we bought it cheap and that’s the consequence).  This causes a sharp door corner to jut out in a prime location that the kids always seem to be within head-smacking distance.  When my oldest was little I bought these big ugly foam corner protectors and stuck them on.  Of course, you know this story, they got pulled off and then the sticky part got less sticky and they never stayed on.

When daredevil #2 was born I pulled those same corner protectors out and well, this is what they looked like after the kids pulled them off and the tape and then I went beserk:

Before: Notice the multiple layers of packing tape since one layer was peeled off by the baby.

Then I got some Rhoost samples in the mail including their corner protector Edge. The beauty of Edge is that it will fit on just about every exposed corner you might have.  Of course it’ll fit on table corners and whatnot but as evidence of my obscure cabinet corner problem, it worked perfectly there too.  Here is my hideous cabinet corner after meeting Rhoost’s Edge:

After: Ahhhh Much better after Rhoost’s Edge corner protector.

Rhoosts products are made with BPA / PVC / Phthalate free materials (and they’re recyclable!).  In addition to their really useful Edge piece they offer a cabinet lock called Sling.  Here is my personal before and after … you can see how little you even notice it:

Before Rhoost Sling

Ahhhh After Rhoost Sling


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