Alternative to PVC Stroller Rain Covers: Plum Tots GO Blankie

By Kristie Turck •  Published 10/28/08 •  2 min read

A few of us have been looking for PVC free rain covers for baby strollers and have come up with a whole lot of “not much”.  Our friend Kristen from Trying to be Greener went on a hunt and I think she’s still working on finding out more information, but she did find some good news.  We’ll be sure to let you know when she posts that but in the meantime, I stumbled on a nice little alternative and thought I’d share it.

Check out the GO Blankie from Plum Tots…  I thought this was a really cute idea and multipurpose, which is always a mommy must.  GO Blankie was created by mom Ami Roberts of Plum Tots when she had her son and put her crafty nature to work.  GO Blankie is an outdoor blanket with a softie soft inside and a water resistant nylon outer layer that can be tied on to car seats, strollers or whatever!  It can be used as an outdoor play mat, stroller blanket, diaper changer, infant seat cover, baby cozy, front pack blanket, and nursing cover… whatever you can think of and is machine washable.

I just stumbled on these one night and thought they were such a great product.  They come in 4 tasteful colors and she sells other cute items like bibs and hoodie towels.  So in stead of covering your stroller with PVC, try a GO Blankie instead.  Ahhhh.. that’s better.

Get one: You can order a GO Blankie right from Plum Tots website.  Let them know we sent you!