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Happy New Year!  I want to start off the year with some make up reviews because I know a lot of you are searching for recommendations.  Serendipitously I was contacted to try out a great line of cosmetics called Bailey Cosmetics which was developed to work well and be conscious of safety and of the environment.  The line has no parabens, no fragrance, no nano-particles, no micronized particles, to talc and no bysmuth oxychloride (which is found in many mineral make ups and can be an irritant).  Bailey Cosmetics created a line that was safe and uses only pure grade minerals.

What I was instantly impressed with was the packaging and the tools.  All the containers and brush handles are made with recyclable aluminum compacts (those of you who like to avoid aluminum take note) that feels good to hold and under the cap of each has a mirror.  The brushes are made with either humanely sourced goat hair or synthetic bristles.  They never test their products on animals and they use recycled materials for packaging and shipping.

Beauty Never Sleeps sent me their full collection to try out which included their 2 tone foundation powder, a dual eye shadow that has a shade that doubles as eyeliner, a blush, their Powder of Youth which provides a healthy glow without the extra sun exposure, their graphite eye brow pencil and a set of their fabulous brushes.

I was skeptical when I waited for them to arrive… safe, ok but does it work? Are they too potent? Do they smell like a cave?  Natural make up either falls into two categories for me.  Too much pigment (and I can never find a good balance to use it) or the color is right and it smells like I’m doing a cave painting with mud.  Natural make up can sometimes smell that way.  Not the case on either points.  I followed their step by step insert on creating a day and evening look and both are easy and made me look, well gorgeous.  In fact after my first time trying it all out I met up with my mother later on.  She commented on my make up and said “What do you have on, I need that”. That basically means it looked good and she wants it for herself.  :)

The colors are soft and neutral and bring out your beauty rather than mask you like a clown.  The foundation duo in Medium was perfect for my skin tone and matched just right.  They have a handy illustration on their website to help you chose your colors.

They also have a really nice lip gloss that provides the perfect pink sheen to your lips without looking overdone. It has aloe and shea butter to protect and heal.  These products aren’t vegan (beeswax) but as I mentioned they do not test on animals and take care to chose materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising the glamorousness. Is that a word? Well, it should be. The Bailey Cosmetic line is a fabulous find… safer than the traditional gunk you find in department stores and you still look just as fabulous.

Get The Look: You can order all their products on their website Beauty Never Sleeps

I don’t have my thumb on the pulse of every trend in fashion and style but I like to think I’m not totally in the dark when it comes to those things.  Even though I prefer less chemicals I still read fashion and beauty magazines and watch for the seasonal trends that pop up.  Nail polish color is one of them.  Granted most nail polish is not a notoriously “green” item but I can’t give up my mani pedis.  What I can do is choose fashionable colors that are made by brands that follow the “3 Free” rule.  That is: Free of Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene. (Check out my favorite nail polish blog All Laquered Up for a great breakdown of what and why)

When I got a few samples of Dashing Divas new colors that were all over the runways at Fashion Week, I was tickled to see they have 3 Free formulas.  The colors gracing the runway? Sheer pinks, dark gunmetal metallic, matte blacks and burgundy.  I love all of their colors – even the ones I never would think I would wear, I like to wear.  From their Fall Collection, a metallic neutral called No More Alimony is shiny and awesome.  Hard to put on but worth the effort.  A fun “night out” color.  The Fall Collection is delicious and perfect for this weather and season.  I am totally wearing Bitter Sweet for Halloween!

They also have a neat product called Make-It Matte that transforms your color to a perfectly matte finish.  I thought at first, “Why?” but after I tried it – FUN.  I also like this on bare nails too.  This is great for men as well.

Overall is this the perfect, from nature, totally green hippie brand? No but they’re free of the big 3 so if you’re a mani girl like me, you will take it where you can get it.

Get Dashing Diva: You can purchase all their colors and finishes on their website

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dearlm100x100Q: Have you tried Jane Iredale products?  Any thoughts on the products?

So far neither of us have tried any of these products but in the interest of hopefully finding something new I went investigating.   I went hunting around on to see what kind of ingredients we were dealing with.  So far, from what we can tell Jane Iredales products are free of some of the top nasties we usually avoid like parabens, phthalates, free of chemical dyes and preservatives, and are never tested on animals.  So her products are a better choice when it comes to make up.  Comparing a label off a Jane Iredale foundation to one of the “big ones” is a joke… you can actually pronounce the ingredients and they have less than 87 letters in each word.

Her products have won awards like Natural Health Beauty Awards Best Foundation Award so performance sounds like it’s not an issue.  I can’t say with 100% confidence that all her products are 100% chemical free if that’s what you’re looking for.  For example almost every product contains Dimethicone, and I have found one or two products that contain Phenoxyethanol, but in the grand scheme these are a much better choice. Compare hers to any L’Oreal product and you’ll see the difference.

Find Them: You can pick up Jane Iredale’s Cosmetics on

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eminenceA friend turned me on to Eminence Organics a while back and I was able to try a few of their products.  Their lines all are free of parabens, mineral oils, petroleum and SLS and they have some really divine products.  I got a few samples their DiVine collection which included a Mimosa Body Scrub and Mimosa Body Lotion.

Let me tell you, this stuff actually smells like a real mimosa – without making you smell like a drunk.  It a light citrus champagne scent and the body cream is really luxurious.  My hands are instantly soft when I use it.  Pampering is tricky when you’re trying to go as natural as possible and these don’t make you feel like a hippy… they feel like a real spa treat.  They have other delicious scents like Cucumber Mint, Pear & Green Apple  and a Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. It’s too bad you can’t order these online or I would – but they are available at select spas!

Get It: Eminence is only available at partner spas and salons – call toll free at 1-888-747-6342 to learn of a spa near you.

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