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We’re always on the hunt for new brands and products.  Anything to expand on the products we already have and love.  And of course, being women, we love pampering.   So when Joy of Natural Joy Beauty contacted us and asked us to review some of Lauren Brooke Cosmetics, I was all too happy to volunteer.  Especially these days, when I’m feeling particularly unattractive.   I’ve been wanting to go in for a facial or spa day, but being pregnant, I’m leary of using products in which I don’t know the ingredients to.   Luckily for me, this is the next best thing!

I got to review both the Deep Sea Masque and the Blemish Control Toner.

I loved the deep sea masque.   It was tingly and made my face look more even toned.  I would recommend to turn off any fans blowing your way when you use it because I was a little too tingly at one point.  But the mix of different types of clays made my face feel smooth and soothed.  Some masks have a tendency to irritate my face, this one was gentle.

The toner was a little bit harder for me to tell how it worked, but this was mainly because I’m a raging case of hormonal skin right now, and my face has been breaking out like crazy.   Overall, it was nice and refreshing and felt great on my skin, but my chin blemishes refused to budge.  It worked like a charm on my other blemishes though.

Get it: You can order Lauren Brooke Cosmetics over at Natural Joy Beauty has a really great variety of products, including natural body glitter!  I was really excited when I saw this because who doesn’t love sparkly things?

Win It!

We have a set of the Blemish Control Toner and Deep Sea Masque to giveaway to one lucky reader.

To Enter:

Simply leave a comment on this entry telling us which product you fancy most on Natural Joy Beauty’s website.   Contest is open to US residents only.   Deadline to enter is Midnight EST on Monday, May 4th.  One winner will be chosen at random.

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  1. Put our Lovely SafeMama™  button (sidebar sidebar!) on your blog or website and leave a comment letting us know where it is!
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Good luck!

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In the never ending quest to get rid of my pregnancy blemishes, I’ve become a walking apothecary of natural remedies to keep the scary at bay.  I’ve been using the Burts Bees Blemish stick, which works well for the most part, but there were some heavy duty pimples on my neck that seemed to be like kryptonite to the blemish stick.   Exfoliation helps a little, but I don’t want to walk around in turtlenecks until May.  While we were grocery shopping the other day, I was perusing the beauty section of Whole Foods and came across Desert Essence’s Facial Cleansing Pads with tea tree oil.  Why I didn’t think of tea tree oil before, is beyond me, but I will milk my “pregnancy brain” for all it’s worth, thank you very much!

The one good thing about these is that they’re pretty inexpensive.  Some of the skin care regimens can get really pricey, and not that I mind spending money on something that works, but with being in a recession, I’ll gladly take something effective and cheap.  There are no chemical ingredients or preservatives in these pads, which I love.  I exfoliated first and swabbed my face with a pad and then had to scrape myself off the ceiling, because they burned (organic grain alcohol).  They also smell HORRIBLE.  Like a cross between alcohol and motor oil, but because I woke up with clear skin the next morning, I’m willing to overlook that minor fact.   They got dirt off that even a conventional acne pad never seemed to remove.    Overall, I really like the way they work.  Not perfect, but I don’t have to hide my face and neck anymore.

Get it: You can order Desert Essence Cleansing Pads directly from Amazon or find them in most Whole Foods stores.

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OrganicareI stumbled on Organicare skin care a while ago and I can’t recall where.  But I was able to test out a sample of their Clarity Control Blemish Fighting AHA Serum the last few weeks and I had to share my find with you.  Organicare is a USDA Certified skin care line that focuses on the skin problems we all face.  Whether its aging, acne or prevention – Organicare has developed skin care lines to address them with organic ingredients.

I know many of you are looking for something to control acne and I really believe this skin care line can solve that problem really well.  As a reformed Proactiv user (I don’t have bad acne issues but it helped me address random breakouts) I was desperate to find something to replace it.  Organicare’s Clarity Control Blemish Fighting AHA Serum has really helped with those random blemishes I used to get.

It works the same way a toner might work… I put a squirt or two on a cotton ball and swipe over blemish prone areas to keep the oily areas clear.  I am really interested in trying the rest of this line to see if the other products perform as well.

Get It: Buy it online on

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Now that I’m settling into my second pregnancy, I’m fortunate enough to have been blessed with blemishes just about all over my body.  Last time around, I might have ran to the closest Sephora and found the most chemically laden product for blemishes.  Last time around, I had fabulously gorgeous skin, with nary a pimple in sight.  This time around?  I’m making up for the last time around three fold.  I never even had this many blemishes in high school.  Thank you pregnancy hormones for putting me in my place.

So I’ve been sort of at a loss for products, as I don’t seem to have typical pimples, but more like a rash of hard red bumps on my chest, neck and face.  Then I remembered I had gotten the Burt’s Bee’s Herbal Blemish Stick, somewhere in my travels.

I have to admit, I’m skeptical of natural products going up against something as heavy duty as my acne seems to be.   But this stuff works like a charm.  It smells horrible, but it works.  My face is bump free and my neck and chest seem to be on the mend.   I think if applied regularly (just not if you’re going out in public, lest people wonder where the hell that “smell” is coming from) it’ll keep my pesky red bumps at bay.

Get it: You can order Burts Bees Blemish stick directly from our Amazon Affiliate shop!

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