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Even though I don’t wear much makeup (or hardly ever on a daily basis), one of the #1 main things I have to have in my minimalist, severely lacking, pathetically sized make-up regime is blush.  I would liken my love of blush to be akin to Kathy’s love of lip gloss, and lip balm.   Though unlike her I don’t have a billion containers of blush lying around.   Especially since greening my make-up collection most of it is powder and I don’t really want to take the risk of my blush exploding in my handbag.    But I need blush.  It makes me feel alive and happy, in an otherwise, very pale existence.  I love having a sun kissed look.

But then! Oh!  Revolution Organics came into my life in the form of Freedom Glow Beauty Balm.   It’s a lip color, it’s an eye color, it’s a blush!   It’s a multi purpose bit of heaven in a tube.   Made from cold pressed olive oil and organic beeswax, it goes on really smooth and blends in perfectly.   So I don’t ever worry about looking like a kewpie doll.    I haven’t used it on my lips yet (I’m horrible with remembering lip color or gloss), but the sun-kissed color I purchased is perfect for giving you the rosy look to your lips, whereas bronze would be perfect for a night on the town.

Revolution Organics has great products that are nearly guilt free (the highest rating in skin deep on any of their products is a 3, which isn’t bad at all), and they’ve really cornered the market with this product because I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else.

Get it: You can order Freedom Glow Beauty Balm, directly from Revolution Organics website.  The price is a little steep at $34, but it’s a quality product, and I’m considering ordering another just to have one to keep in my handbag.

Skin Deep Rating: 3

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nveyA lot of attention is being paid to the fact that baby skin care products being independently tested are coming up containing formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane.  The source of the problem is not enough regulation from the government agencies requiring product makers to test their products to determine their safety.  In fact there is no one requiring any skin care or make up company to adhere to much of any safety standards before things hit the market.  Here on LovelyMama, that concern for us is with cosmetics and skin care for us too.

Lipstick, which I don’t wear much of but many do, contain a bevy of chemicals including parabens, phthalates and a bevy of other chemicals… oh yeah and LEAD.  Since we’re putting lipstick on our lips, we ingest it day to day.  A study came out from The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics where they independently tested found that “two-thirds of the 33 samples we tested contained detectable levels of lead; of those, half were above the legal limit for lead in candy.”   This is especially dangerous for pregnant women since lead can cross through to the placenta and cause birth defects or worse.

This is why chosing organic makeup is a smart idea.. not only does it not contain lead and icky chemicals, but they actually do good things for your lips, like actually moisturize them.

Some brands to try:

Dr.Hauschka Lipstick – Free of synthetic chemicals and Yellow Blue and Red lakes… instead it’s tinted with natural minerals and scented with essential oils.

NVEY ECO Organic Lipstick – I love the makeup coming from this company for their organic plant and mineral  ingredients and soft feminine colors.


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