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It got quiet around here.  I kind of took an unofficial summer hiatus from beauty reviews but I am itching to get back into into and have a lot of new things to write about that I experienced over the summer. I want to rev up this blog somewhat too and make it more of it’s own animal.  In the meantime I want to start telling you about some of the products I checked out this summer.  Since summer is winding down (and for some of us it’s officially over – my kids have been back to school for 2 weeks already) and thoughts of those cool crisp Fall nights are on my mind.  And so is chapped lips. Many of you know about my obsession with all things lip balm so this review won’t come as a shock.

My friend Andi of Good Things Green Things sent me a tube of Purple Prairies Spearmint Shimmer Lip Balm a while back .  If you haven’t seen her shop you should check it out, she has a great selection of safe skin care, hair care and body products from some of my favorite companies.

As far as lip balms go, it glides on smoothly and has a pleasant minty scent that isn’t too powerful.  But what I love is that it has a mild pink shimmer to it so instead of just a plain lip balm it gives you a little oomph.  It’s one of my favorite new things and I carry it with me all the time.  Who doesn’t need “oomph” on a daily basis, right?

The base ingredients are very simple: Organic Olea europaea(Olive)fruit oil, organic cera alba(beeswax), unrefined organic butyrospermum parki fruit(Shea Butter), coconut oil, mentha piperita(peppermint oil), mentha spicata(spearmint oil).  It’s handmade in the USA and it works just as well as any schmancy lip balm you can find. Love it.

Get It: You can purchase Purple Prairie Spearmint Lip Shimmer on Good Things Green Things

EWG Score: 1

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I think I learned about these EOS lip balms on Green and Clean Mom a while ago and thought they looked cool.  How neat to have a lip balm in a sphere shape.  As the Lip Balm Queen, I could not let it go that there was a lip balm out there I haven’t tried.  Coincidentally, while traveling last November I spotted one in a Happy Harry’s (Like CVS but in places like Delaware) and snatched two up to try out.

Three of these lip balms are USDA Certified Organic (90% organic ingredients) and utilize shea butter and jojoba oils to keep your lips moisturized.  I love the shape of the balm and makes it easy to find in my tote bag.  My toddler thinks its a bouncey ball so it gets thrown but it keeps its shape and doesn’t come apart when it hits the wall. Not that I make a habit of it. The top half screws off and reveals a smooth bubble of lip balm.  It goes on smooth and smells fruity.  One of the flavors I picked up was Summer Fruit and it has a soft fruit scent.

It doesn’t go on as smooth as other lip balms and I suspect it has a slightly more “waxy” feel to it because they need it to be a bit stiff to stay in that ball shape.  It doesn’t particularly last very long compared to a Badger Lip Balm or a LuSa Organics lip balms (my favorites and ones I carry with me all the time).  My only disappointment with the product really is the Lemon Drop version.  I purchased the Lemon Drop along with the other one I chose and didn’t realize it has an SPF of 15.  Initially I was excited because it’s not easy to find natural lip balms with SPF.  Since these were certified organic I assumed it had a bit of zinc or titanium oxide.  Wrong.

The Lemon Drop uses Octinoxate 7.5%, Oxybenzone 3.0% as the sun blocking ingredients. Oxybenzone is an endocrine disruptor which can affect the nervous system, has been linked to cancer in some laboratory studies, and creates free-radicals when exposed to the sun which are harmful.  Don’t believe me? Ask the EWG what they think of Oxybenzone.  EOS also has a “Medicated Tangerine” that seems ok but it contains Phenol 0.5% and I don’t know much about that ingredient to make a judgment but Phenol rates a 9 in EWG’s Skin Deep database so I’d probably skip it.

So aside from the SPF and Phenol issue these are good little lip balms in a fun container.  Just avoid the Lemon Drop and the Medicated Tangerine  flavors.

Get Them: I found these at CVS and similar stores.  You can also purchase them from their website Evolution of Smooth.

Skin Deep Rating: The Summer Fruit version rates a 1 in EWG Skin Deep and they don’t have the Lemon Drop with SPF 15 listed at all.  I wonder why…

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Oh yes more lip balm.  I am a self professed lip balm addict, as you may very well know.  So when a couple samples of Crazy Rumors lip balm crossed my desk I was all for trying them out.  I adore these lip balms for several reasons:

First is the ingredients list.  All the lip balms are made with all natural and organic ingredients. No ickies.  There are several varieties of scents and flavors and they are made with organic flavors and flavored with stevia. Important to note too is that they are not tested on animals and they are totally vegan!

Second is the packaging… I know many moms cringe at the varieties of lip balms marketed to kids.  These would be a great alternative.  With flavors like Raspberry Sherbet, Lemonade, Mint Chocolate Chip and Root Beer how can you go wrong? Wouldn’t these be a great stocking stuffer?

Performance: I am picky about my lip balms.  If they get bumpy or chunky or don’t glide on easily I am not a happy lip balming camper. But Crazy Rumors lip balms deliver.  I’ve had them in my pockets for weeks and they still work great and haven’t gotten weird or lumpy. Smooth smooth lip balm action over here.  I love the scents and they have a faint sweet flavor. Thumbs up!

Get Them! You can pick up any of they’re awesome scented lip balms on their website, including their tinted HibisKiss lip balms.  Their Candy Cane set might be a cute surprise in someone’s stocking this year… *ahem* like for me. :)

Get 15% off with coupon code CR15 at checkout!

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I don’t wear a ton of make up.  I know there are parts of the country where women tend to wear more make up than others (*cough* Long Island *cough* and I can say that because I grew up there) and I do wear some… enough to make myself acceptable for public consumption.  I do like my girlie must haves and here is whats banging around in my make up bag:

Foundation: I don’t wear a lot of it and I never really did.  But as I’m getting older I have rosacea and some flaws and I just need a light overall cover to make me happy.  I am using mineral foundation which I have recently read to be less than great due to breathing in particles.  But I loathe liquid foundation.  Hate it.  So I hold my breath and hope I don’t get some funky lung disease from it.  My favorite is Alima Pure Mineral Satin Matte foundation after switching from Bare Minerals when I learned that it contained Bismuth Oxychloride which can be an irritant to rosacea sufferers.

I also use SukiColor Liquid Formula Concealer in Flax (which I can’t find on their website right now) for spot treating under eye circles, zits or whatever weirdness shows up. Blends well and has a more respectable ingredients list than most commercial liquid make up.

Blush: I hide from the sun so much so that I need an extra boost (I wear hats and sunglasses all the time) so I use Alima Pure  Luminous Shimmer Blush in DianthusDr Hauschka makes a nice blush bronzer too but the cost difference is amazing.  $15 for Alima vs $30+ its an easy choice for me.

Eyes: NVEY Eco Organic Eye Shadow Palette in Palette 3.  I had a palette of this before which I had gotten as a gift and it lasted me forever.  So when I was digging the last of it out I decided it was a worthy investment.  It’s $60.  Yeah I know.  But it lasted me well over a year to a year and a half.  So I figure I’m spending that over a course of time on different ones anyway and this is organic.  So I splurge.  I also have a small Dr. Hauschka Eye Shadow Solo in Shimmering Ivory.  But I may try the 4 color palettes they have next time instead of the NVEY.  $44 vs $60 on that scale.

Eye Liner: I have a basic black eye liner from Sephora. Nothing green or safe about it.  I need to find a better one.

Mascara: I use Tarte Lash Hugger Eco-Friendly Natural Mascara.  Tarte uses better ingredients than most and avoids things like parabens, phthalates and mineral oils and is in a recycled tube.  It works great… can’t complain.  I tried out one of the “natural” brands at CVS and it was awful so I’ll stick with this.

Lips: My favorite topic!  I don’t wear lipstick.  It’s a pretty rare occasion if I do.  I am a lip balm kind of girl and when I get dressed to go out (haha) I am a fan of lip gloss.  Although since I started greening my make up I haven’t found too many lip glosses that do it for me. I have a million lip balms including: Badger Lip Balm in just abut every flavor but I love Tangerine and Lavender Orange, Bubble & Bee Lip Balm in both Coconut Lime and Rude Raspberry (which is Certified Organic now), a Burt’s Bees Radiance Lip Shimmer as well as a Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Sweet Pink, LuSa Organics lip balm (love) and an Earth Mama Angel Baby Lip Balm which I use at night.

Nails: I know we did a whole round up of safe nail polish but to be very honest – I hate almost all of them.  They don’t stay on and yes I used them while I was pregnant if at all but my vanity is at stake here so I ave been using Zoya Polishes for my mani pedis.  Zoya is Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP Free so I feel somewhat better using them.

Anyone have any eye liner or lip gloss recommendations?  Hope you enjoyed the peek into my bathroom!

clsoapAs you all know we just loooooooooooove Bubble & Bee products.  We’re their #1 fan. Stephanie of Bubble & Bee is so increditbly knowledgeable about chemicals and ingredients that we go right to her first if we ever need an ingredient scrutinized.  Her products, as a result of her knowledge, are so pure and safe I hate using anything else. 

Years ago before I learned about skin care and the hazards of all the chemicals I was dumping into my body every day I was a Bath & Body Works Junkie.  I admit it.  You walk in there and everything looks so tempting and relaxing.  I owned almost the entire True Blue line and always stocked up on my favorite scent: Coconut Lime Verbena.  When I learned more about the ingredients, I sadly tossed all my BBW products and searched for safer ones.  I never did find a good replacement to my beloved Coconut Lime Verbena… until NOW.

COCONUT-&-LIME--SMALL-PICThanks to Stephanie’s constant product development, she has added a lovely Organic Coconut Lime Soap to her collection as well as a Coconut Lime LIP BALM.  Its as if she read my mind.  I loved her Coconut Lime lotion stick already and wished there were more.  And now there is.  Her soap smells devine and lathers wonderfully.  I feel so tropical after a shower.  And I can keep the feeling all day with her delictable Coconut Lime lip balm… which if you have ever tried her lip balms, they rock.  This one is no exception.  It’s my new favorite lip balm flavor (and you know how much I adore my lip balms) and I want to hug it and squeeze it call it George.  Ok no but I do carry it everywhere.  It even tastes sweet!

Get Some! Thanks Stephanie for all your great products and new scents!  Shop for Bubble & Bee products on her website!  Don’t forget to visit her Chemical of the Day Blog where she answers reader questions about ingredients.

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Hello, your friendly neighborhood lip balm addict here.  I’ve come to a very important conclusion lately about lip balms and I need to share it with you.  Lately, I’ve been lamenting about how many of my natural lip balms start out great, and then turn into lumpy bumpy sticks that aren’t that pleasing to apply.  (And I type lip BLAM every single time…why can’t I get it right?). badgerorganiclipbalms I always thought that maybe it got too hot in my bag and the ingredients were revolting against each other or something but I think I figured out the real reason.  Shea Butter?  Every lip balm I have that contains shea butter seems to eventually turn into a bumpy lip balm.  I don’t know if it ‘s the formulation or the ingredient itself or a lack of beeswax or if it’s even that at all, but it seem to be a common theme.  If anyone can enlighten me, please do.

Anyway, I came to this conclusion because I have a couple lip balms that seem to stay intact… smooth and lip balmy just like I like them.  One of those lip balms are Badger’s Certified Organic Lip Balm.  The main ingredients are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax and Castor Oil (all organic) which seem to keep these in their smooth state so applying them is like a lip balm should be.

They have a zillion yummy flavors, my favorites seem to be the citrus-y ones like Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine but they all perform.  They use all Certified Organic ingredients when possible as well as fair trade cocoa butter.  I just love the conscientiousness of this company and can’t stop singing their praises (as evident by my love for their sunscreen and anti-bug balm too).

Get Your Balm On: You can purchase Badger Lip Balms in many places, but if you want to grab one (or 10) online you can find them on their website and on!

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alimalipbalm I’m seriously turning into Kathy, and quickly.  This winter has been very raw and dry for us.  Something I don’t quite remember last winter, our first one back after living in California.  We’re all feeling the pain of dry skin, and my lips have been no exception.  Even my son has been becoming friends with lipbalm.  I have at least 17 tubes of it in my handbag and I use every single one.

For Christmas, my husband surprised me with some Alima Pure nourishing lipbalm.   What I love is that this lipbalm also comes tinted too.

I really love Alima Pure’s makeup.  I ended up with tons of eyeshadow samples for Christmas, which I’ve been loving all of.  But this lipbalm, I love, because not only has it been keeping my lips soft, it also adds a bit of color, which actually lasts, thanks to natural pigments.  The light colors are great for a hint of color for daytime and the darker colors are great for going out.  Use it as a base for your regular lip gloss or lipstick to keep your lips from drying out or just use it by itself.  And because they’re just a regular tube of lipbalm, it’s not big and bulky, which means you can fit one, or 20 in your handbag.

Alima Pure has several shades of this product, along with all of their products.  One of the many things I love about them.

Get it: You can order any of Alima Pure’s products, directly from their website.

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softlipsHello, your friendly neighborhood lip balm addict is back in action.  Lip balm is a staple for me.  I have about 8 in my purse at all times, not because I need all 8 but because I can’t stop trying new ones.  One of my favorites before I learned more about cosmetics and beauty products, was Softlips Lip Balms from the local drugstore.  I had several and loved the slim tube and girlie scents.  I appreciated the SPF 20 in them as well.  But after learning about sunscreen chemicals, petroleum and other icky ingredients I chucked all my conventional lip balms for more organic and natural ones.

Well imagine my sheer joy when I discovered that Softlips now has their lip balms available Certified Organic including a honeydew (my favorite) and Pomegranite… right at your local CVS store.  They work just as well as the old synthetic versions (or better in my opinion) and smell great.  Still in the same sleek skinny white tube only emblazoned with the USDA Certified Organic seal.  They don’t have any SPF but I’ll take these any day. Plus it’s cheap… can’t beat that.

Get some: Available everywhere.. CVS, Amazon (6 pack woo!), and probably anywhere you’ve seen Softlips sold before.

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revolution organicsAs a working mom on the go, I am always interested in finding safe products that are multi-purpose. So when I found Revolution Organics I went crazy over their All-Over Body Balm.  This hefty tube of balm has over 22 possible uses.  How can it get better than that?  I’d rather replace the tubes of hand lotions, lip balms, cuticle balms and baby cream in my diaper bag with this ONE  handy compact tube.  It has a light citrus scent and really is a wonderful moisturizer.  I use this as a lip balm, rub it on my hands and cuticles, relieve wind chapped kid cheeks and it can help with frizz when you’re in a pinch.

Revolution Organics uses no synthetic ingredients, parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals and they don’t test on animals.  They are also certified USDA Organic which is only reserved for products with 95% organic ingredients.  Now that’s something I can live with!  After trying and failing with many Certified Organic products either due to their lack of performance or the overpowering smell (Aveda Organics I’m talking about you) I have really fallen in love with Revolution Organics.

They also offer a few other gret products including an All-Over Skin Creme (I keep in on my desk for hands and elbows during my workday) and a yummy All Over Lip Balm that I’m dying to try.

Get It: Pick up any Revolution Organics products at Saffron Rouge, Lilou Organics or on

Intelligent NutrientsOne of the first items from my Saffron Rouge deliveries was a lip balm from Intelligent Nutrients.  For those not familiar, Intelligent Nutrients is a company founded by the man responsible for Aveda,  which he later sold to Estee Lauder.  His new company bases it’s products on the objective of health through organic ingredients.  The product lines range from hair and scalp care to vitamin supplements to help battle the effects of aging and hydration of the skin and hair.  They even go so far as create organic sugar substitutes and organic coffee.

Intelligent Nutrients Lip DeliveryBack to the lip balm.  I was excited about this one since I had to retire my petroleum based Soft Lips lip balm which I loved for the slim packaging.  Lip Delivery Nutrition is a daily wear lip balm packed with moisturizing organic emollients to heal and moisten dry lips while delivering antioxidants to help prevent aging.  One of the things that age visibly on women is their lips, and while I’m not a total wrinkle fest yet, I am 32 and starting to see the lines that will form if my family doesn’t get off my back and let me take a nap once in a while.  (Ok I’m kidding…. no, not really.)

All of their products are Certified Organic and contain no icky parabens, synthetic ingredients or fragrances. I am really curious about the hair products, as you all know we are always on a quest for better hair care… but a bottle of Hair Cleanser is $39. The Lip Delivery Nutrition is $17.  If this stuff is as anti-aging as they say it is, it just might be worth the price.

Splurge: You can pick up many of their products on

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