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tammyfenderWhile perusing a local magazine at the doctor’s office I read about Tammy Fender, a West Palm Beach-based beauty “guru” who originally started out working at a cosmetics counter.  She later became an aesthetician and wanted to really get to know what goes in our skin care and provide the best and most natural alternatives. She dedicated her life to researching  botany, aromatherapy, holistic chemistry and medical science. With all that knowledge, she developed her own chic and fabulously holistic brand named, not surprisingly, Tammy Fender.

Her skin care line is 100% organic and almost completely natural, void of things like parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances and ingredients.  She uses natural clays and essential oils to purify and preserve skin.  Her private practice caters to clients individual skin care needs and is legendary for her signature facials and holistic healing  treatments.

This line is part of the elite group of natural skin care-coupled with Tammy Fenders expertise-so it doesn’t come without a price, but it’s one indulgence I’d love to treat myself to. I’d kill to get my hands on her expertise, or at least just a bottle of her Capillary Strengthening Blend to help heal my mild rosacea.

Pamper Yourself: If you live in or near West Palm Beach, Florida you can make an appointment for a consultation or order her products direct from her website TammyFender.com.

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