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When I was younger, and first learning about applying makeup (albeit, probably not correctly), I used liquid foundation.  It seemed like the right thing to do.   I probably picked out the wrong color for my skin tone, and I also probably had the mask look,  where the makeup ended and my naked skin began.   Ahh youth.   And then at some point in my twenties, I switched to a lighter liquid foundation and a pressed powder, eventually migrating away from foundation altogether, mainly because foundation started making me claustrophobic.  It was always too heavy, I liked that if I needed to put more on, I simply had a compact, and I didn’t need a sandblaster to take it off at night.   Not to mention, the smudges liquid foundation left on your favorite shirt.   I hate that!

Before greening up my beauty lifestyle, I was a devout M.A.C. person.  I always had at least three of the pressed powders at any given time.  It made my skin glow and allowed it to breathe.  Once I had kids, I wore it less frequently anyway.  My only option when going green was loose powder.  A few years ago, it was much more difficult to find a pressed powder that didn’t have a hot bed of cancerous chemicals in it.   Cut to current day and I’m kind of sick of loose powder.  It makes a huge mess, and it was just never my favorite.   So I decided to look back into liquid foundation, more for those days when I was going out somewhere where I wanted to look a shade more decent than my regular state.

Liquid foundation is just as I remember it.  I picked out Living Nature’s foundation, based on the fact that it was Saffron Rouge’s top pick, and while it was expensive, it was middle of the road.  But it was still liquid foundation, and it was in the middle in terms of weight.  It’s listed as a lighter weight foundation, which is true, but it’s not sheer.  The coverage is good, but it dries quickly as you’re applying it, so I feel as if I have this cakey look to my face if I’m not careful.  If you have a quick hand you may have better luck.  I wasn’t thrilled with the way it smelled either.

Thankfully if you’re looking for alternatives, there are a few, but they’re going to cost you.  Suki has a great line of products, including a liquid tinted moisturizer that Kathy has had better results with.   My advice?  If you’re looking for a liquid foundation, go with either Suki’s tinted moisturizer or one of Nvey’s foundation options.  I’ve never had a bad experience with either of these brands.  Kathy likes Miessence Liquid Foundation too.  Keep in mind that none of these options include sunscreen in their formulas.  So don’t forget to put a sunscreen on before you put your foundation on.

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SukiHave you seen the ingredients in a bottle of mainstream liquid foundation? Ew. I learned about Suki Pure Cosmetics from reading Gorgeously Green (which is a great read if you can pick one up).  The author Sophie Uliano raves about their cosmetics saying it has all the qualities of a high-end products but without all the gross crap they put in them.  Suki prides on their natural formulas and are all free of synthetic ingredients, GMO’s, parabens, fragrances, petrochemicals, don’t test on animals, etc.  Basically, you don’t have to suffer what we call “Cave Painting Syndrome™” that you sometimes get with natural products.  Many times they look and feel like clay, and smell like clay.  Ew.

We’ll probably feature several of their products as people write in with their “Help!  I need a good XYZ” pleas.  I’ll start with their liquid foundation since someone wrote in asking about those.  I’ve not used liquid foundation since I found mineral makeup years ago but I used it for many years before that.  SukiColor uses a slightly different approach in which they have 2 products that go great together to create an even but natural appearance.  The Suki Tinted Active Moisturizer acts as a moisturizing tinted barrier and glides on smooth and doesn’t feel heavy or thick.  Accompanied with Suki Liquid Formula Concealer you can achieve a really flawless look.   They have a natural SPF made with crushed minerals so you aren’t piling on some toxic gunk.  I will say that because I am out of the liquid loop, my application did allow the concealer to settle into fine lines… however I do think it’s avoidable with a better application than I achieved.  Suki has some great tools to accompany their make up, which might be key.  The Suki Pure Cream Stain (I tried Opal) and it gave me a nice glow.  I don’t typically use cream blush but this I would make an exception for.  It was that pretty!

SukiColor makeup isn’t cheap, but good cosmetics aren’t.  Suki knows what they’re doing and every product I’ve tried has yet to disappoint.   They are incredibly knowledgeable and are super stylish to boot.  Find the entire SukiColor line on Sukicolor.com or their fabulous skin and body care products on SukiPure.com.

Coming Next Week: John Master’s Week and a rad giveaway. Check back for more details!

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