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sophyto1I actually received a few samples of Sophyto from Saffron Rouge.   I always love getting my samples in the mail and look forward to trying them out.   Last months (as you can see, I am pretty much right on top of everything these days) samples were kind of a disappointment to me.

The cleanser is the “Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser” which I was initially excited about.   After trying it out however, along with the other samples, I’m not really a fan.

The cleanser’s benefits, according to the site are:

  • Ideal for all skin types and skin colours.
  • Effectively removes surface debris and non-waterproof make-up whilst retaining natural moisture.
  • Beneficial for inflamed, or sensitive skin following; laser resurfacing, micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, chemotherapy, radiation and sun burn.
  • Has soft, delicate aroma of cucumber and aloe.
  • Does not contain essential oils, or essential oil components.
  • pH 5 for normal skin range.
  • 97% of this product contains agricultural ingredients that have been produced organically.

One thing is true, my skin definitely wasn’t dried out after using it, as it is a cleanser, and not so much a soap.  It doesn’t foam, but it did clean adequately.   However, the line that states it’s beneficial for inflamed or sensitive skin?  It really stung my skin, so there is no way I would use this on my skin after any sort of dermatological treatment, especially a chemical peel (not that I’d be getting a chemical peel, mind you).   I have pretty sensitive skin to begin with and this product pretty much did nothing but piss my skin off.

As for the “agricultural ingredients.”  Sure that may be true, but included in the ingredients list is grain alcohol and benzyl alcohol.   It could be what irritated my face so much, but either way, I don’t really want to use something that is going to burn my face.

You may have very different results, but I’m definitely not springing for the full size bottle of this product.

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