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softlipsHello, your friendly neighborhood lip balm addict is back in action.  Lip balm is a staple for me.  I have about 8 in my purse at all times, not because I need all 8 but because I can’t stop trying new ones.  One of my favorites before I learned more about cosmetics and beauty products, was Softlips Lip Balms from the local drugstore.  I had several and loved the slim tube and girlie scents.  I appreciated the SPF 20 in them as well.  But after learning about sunscreen chemicals, petroleum and other icky ingredients I chucked all my conventional lip balms for more organic and natural ones.

Well imagine my sheer joy when I discovered that Softlips now has their lip balms available Certified Organic including a honeydew (my favorite) and Pomegranite… right at your local CVS store.  They work just as well as the old synthetic versions (or better in my opinion) and smell great.  Still in the same sleek skinny white tube only emblazoned with the USDA Certified Organic seal.  They don’t have any SPF but I’ll take these any day. Plus it’s cheap… can’t beat that.

Get some: Available everywhere.. CVS, Amazon (6 pack woo!), and probably anywhere you’ve seen Softlips sold before.

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