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Physicians Formula Organic WearI know people are curious about what we think of the Physicians Formula Organic Wear™ makeup that arrived in stores this year.  The line has some admirable qualities including being free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMO’s, synthetic colors,  synthetic fragrances.  They also claim it isn’t tested on animals.  Looking over the ingredient lists, they are indeed missing the telltale junk we normally avoid.  Physycian’s Formula, who’s main cosmetic lines usual score upwards of 6-7 in the Skin Deep Database has provided us with safer and much lower scoring cosmetics.  Not all of the Organic Wear products are in the database but the ones that are score around a 2-3 (the tinted moisturizer).

There is just one problem with regard to this line, for me, and that is that the Organic Wear products I have tried, sucked.  Big time.  On a whim I bought the Organic Wear Concealer Stick and the Organic Wear Blush in Pink Organics.  The blush, while I like the package and presentation did little or nothing for me in terms of an actual blush.  It also sat on top of my skin looking a bit like powder.  Perhaps I chose the wrong color for my skin but I was far from impressed compared to the many mineral blushes I’ve tried.

The Organic Wear Concealer Stick was an even bigger disappointment.  I had been optimistic that I found something natural I could keep in my bag for rogue zit cover up or “you look like hell, Kathy” under-eye pick me up.  Applying this concealer was equal to trying to color my undereye bags with a Crayola.  It was hard, stiff and waxy.  Only after I sanded the top of it to expose the center did I get anything usable out of it.

This line does have some other items that may be worthy of a try. I am still intruiged by the Organic Wear Eyeliner and Eye Shadow Duo‘s but I am not holding my breath for anything spectacular.

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