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I’ve long been on a search for a sunscreen that doesn’t make my face feel like someone glued a lead apron to it.  I can’t put lotion on my face as I just can’t stand the feeling.  So when I came across Peter Thomas Roth’s mineral powder sunscreen, I squealed with glee.   The best thing is that the powder comes with its own built in brush and a little goes a long way.  You simply shake, and it appears on your brush.  It goes on smooth and appears matte with a slight tint to it, much like a powder foundation.   It’s small enough to stick in a hand bag (or a diaper bag if you’re in that stage of your life), right next to your favorite chemical free lip gloss!

I will say that while I do love this stuff, it’s a powder, so its obviously not the best thing if you’re going to be out in the sun all day (for those days, I suck it up and apply the lead apron).   And I will admit, I only use it when I know I’m going to be out and about during the day and in the sun a lot (more than an hour).   If you’re going to just be going out for a short while, opt to skip the sunscreen (unless of course you’re at risk for skin cancer) as it’s the best way to get your daily dose of vitamin D (yes, some sun is actually good for you, in moderation of course).

Peter Thomas Roth did well by me by putting this sunscreen out.  It contains no petrochemicals and my face doesn’t feel like sludge when I use it.

Get It: You can find Peter Thomas Roth‘s Mineral Sunscreen on Amazon.

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