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Someone asked me recently if I would publish a list of products I use.  I was hesitant because like you, I am a work in progress and I sometimes think people expect me to have it all figured out.  I don’t, but I try. So here it goes…

Giovanni Colorflage Beautifully Blonde Shampoo: Ok this stuff isn’t nirvana when it comes to ingredients, it contains phenoxythanol and a few other questionable items but its better than a paraben, phthalate ridden shampoo and it works really well.  I spend a fortune on my toxic highlights (hey I’m vain ok? I like being blond!) and the last thing I want to do is ruin my expensive ‘do with lame shampoo.  This claims to protect from fading and enhance blonds.  So far I’m just really happy with the cleaning power and the softness.

Giovanni Organics 50:50 Balanced Conditioner: Again, not perfect but better than many.  Leaves my hair smooth and soft and works just as well as traditional conditioners.  I also like John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner but right now I can’t afford a $22 conditioner.  I love it, and when I can swing a bottle I’ll get it but let’s face it, it’s a fortune.  Giovanni is available at Target and only costs about $7-9 bucks.  I can handle that.

Tilvee  Shea Butter Bap Soap (Face):  I have very sensitive skin and mild rosacea and a dermatologist told me to use anti-bacterial Cetaphil.  Well, I’m not comfortable with the ingredients (fragrance, PEG’s and Triclosan as the anti-bacterial agent) so I set out to find a better soap that had few ingredients.  Tilvee was the winner/  I use their Shea Butter bar for dry and sensitive skin and it works great.  Plus no gross ingredients.

BAR SOAP:  Ok this is where my obsession is and it’s evident by the bar soap in my shower. I’ll just list them all. Kiss My Face Sudz C-Weed Sweet Orange and Hemp – I love citrus scents and this doesn’t disappoint. Bubble & Bee Coconut Lime Soap – another awesome one. Dr Bronner’s Lavender Bar Soap – cheap, works and available at Target, Kroger, etc.  One type of soap I don’t have right now that I love is bar soap from LuSa Organics. I like the Ylang ylang and Lavender Goats Milk Soap but they have a ton of choices for every preference.  All natural and they’re purely awesome. I love their sugar scrubs and their lip balms too… actually I love everything they make and need to place an order soon. Worth every penny.  There are tons of natural soaps to pick from – this is the easiest thing to change when going natural.

Weleda Birch Body Scrub: I got this on a whim and reviewed it but it doesn’t get much play in my shower.  It smells nice and I think if I tried it with a loofah it might work better but then its a body wash not a scrub so it gets neglected.  Read my review here.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Bamboo Body Scrub: I just reviewed this and really love it.  I’ve been using it often and I am buttery soft as a result. I love scrubs and although I don’t always have time to use them, when I do they have to be awesome.  This one is worth of my time for sure.

Next time I’ll give you the inside look at my after-shower body care and perhaps a peek into my make up bag!

kmfI haven’t really found too many shower gels that I like lately.  They’re either full of chemicals, or they’re organic and watery, or they just suck overall.  I reluctantly picked up a tube of Kiss My Face’s Sudz Organic Shower Gel at Target this month since it was the first time something new was in the natural beauty aisle.  Typically, I want to like Kiss My Face’s products because I grew up using them.  But some of their products contain parabens and they aren’t totally natural all the time so I opt for other stuff.  But I saw it and on an impulse (after reading the label) decided to give it a whirl.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.  I’m not going to pass out from euphoria over it but it meets most of my criteria for shower gel.  It must be almost all natural, it must be in a nice scent and it must lather.  The problem with most organic shower stuff is the lack of foam.  Not so much the case here.  I absolutely love citrus scents so the Sweet Orange & Lime scent was right up my alley.  Its bubbles up nice, smells great and I feel quite refreshed after using it.  I also used it in conjunction with some Kiss My Face Sudz bar soap and I step out of the steam feeling fresh and clean.  I’ll probably pick this up again in other scents since it has a great price point.  The Grapefruit & Lemongrass sounds divine.  Overall, thumbs up!

Get It: Found mine at Target but I just saw it on Amazon and on for less than $5.

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kmfI bumped into the new skincare line Potent & Pure from Kiss My Face during my morning errands and of course had to check it out.  I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Kiss My Face since I was young.  First it was because it’s all my parents bought.  I was shaving my legs with one of those funny round pink razors you give teenagers in 7th grade when they realize they have the fuzziest legs in gym class.  But now, mostly due to ingredient discrepancies.  I have in the past run into a few of their products that do contain parabens or “fragrance” and not known what to make of it.

However I think more of their newer lines, while not 100% chemical free, are a safer choice than some of the mainstream chemical cocktails available.  Potent & Pure is a new skincare line they’ve released boasts its free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, artificial colors and fragrances.  You could probably look up one or two ofhte synthetic ingredients and find something incriminating but I chose to share this for one simple reason.

Based on the volume of email we got asking about a daily moisturizer with sunscreen, as well as my own quest for something more natural in that area, I felt it warranted a mention.  They have a Facial Creme & Sunscreen with SPF 10 using titanium dioxide as the sunscreening element.

It’s not greasy, does have a sliiightly whiteish tint if not rubbed in totally and is a little more fragrant that I usually like but it’s not too overpowering.  Living in Florida I could use some better sun protection on a day to day basis so this might be something I can use for now without looking like an oil slick.

Find It: I found mine at Target but you can also order it and their other products online on

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