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We realize that some people are in the fluoride camp and some are against it. Either way, finding a safe natural toothpaste can be a challenge especially if you’re trying to avoid sodium laureth sulfates and fluoride. The lovely woman who owns and operates Nayla Natural Care, based in Canada, sent us a couple toothpastes to try out.

The Green Beaver Company has a line of natural toothpastes that are flouride free and completely natural. They have a bevy of interesting flavors, which is key for me because natural toothpaste reminds me of dirt (Yes, I’m talking about YOU Tom’s of Maine) but this is definitely not the case with The Green Beaver Company.

Their flavors include Cilantro Mint, Green Apple, Star Anise and the two I tried Frosty Mint and Zesty Orange. If you aren’t used to natural toothpastes it’s an adjustment no matter what. No natural toothpastes behave the same way Crest does but they do still have the same desired effect. This is no different and the suds factor is lower than traditional pastes, but the clean factor is not lacking. And they don’t taste like dirt! The Frosty Mint is a nice minty flavor and cleans along with natural mineral whiteners such as Silica and calcium carbonate. They also add calcium ascorbate, which contributes to the normal development and maintenance of teeth and gums. The Zesty Orange is a nice departure from usual mint flavors and is totally invigorating.

With the lack of flouride and all that other icky junk, these are safe for toddlers and children since they can safely swallow it without harm. (They should be supervised but still.)

Find these and other great safe products here: Nayla Natural Care! Her store is adorable and has great products. This is the perfect place for our Canadian readers to stock up on the products we review on! She ships to the U.S. too!

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