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A few months ago, my husband was in Boston, and stumbled across this eco-boutique. Knowing my passion for girly things and my new passion for girly things that are better for my skin, he perused and came home with a couple of products from the Aromafloria line. What, doesn’t every woman’s husband go searching for eco friendly beauty products for their wife?

He bought me the pomegranate salt glow scrub which smells heavenly. It makes me look forward to taking baths again. It’s VERY fragrant with essential oils, which I do like. I wish they also made it in a sugar scrub, because the salt does tend to dry out my skin, leaving it feeling tight. On second thought, maybe the firming qualities isn’t a bad thing. But as a general rule, salt is drying. So I use this in moderation.

Aromafloria’s products are made with organic (when possible) essential oils, as well as fair trade, when possible. They’re also free from icky preservatives and petrochemicals, making your indulgence guilt free.

Get It: You can order Aromafloria directly from their website

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