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Normally, it’s not my style to post something negative about a green company.   But sadly, after today’s drama surrounding 100% Pure and their unprofessional-ism in answering direct questions and being rude to people asking them a simple question on facebook (it appears 100% Pure has removed their fan page), I will no longer stand behind 100% Pure, which sadly was one of my favorite brands.

You can read the whole exchange over at Stephanie’s, Chemical of the Day blog.  I’ll wait.

I’ll preface this by first saying, that while we’re fans of Stephanie’s products and appreciate her knowledge, we’re not taking sides with Stephanie.  We really liked most of  100% Pure’s products.  So when it came to light, the information regarding Japanese Honeysuckle extract containing para-hydroxy benzoic acid, we were a kind of bummed, because it’s in quite a few brands, including some of the products 100% Pure sells.   Granted, it wasn’t all, which made me happy that I still had options, but the way they’ve handled the whole situation is very sucker in the dirt.  Instead of answering the question asked, point blank, does your Japanese Honeysuckle contain para-hydroxy benzoic acid, a simple yes or no question, they instead decided to skirt this issue with accusatory responses, telling people that they have no idea what they’re talking about, and telling people “We DO the research ourselves. in a LAB.”  As if capitalizing words makes it more important and somehow drowns out the fact that they have not answered the question, and on top of that, have turned blame around on the commenters who were simply stating that they hadn’t answered the question, and “reading things on the internet doesn’t make you a scientist.”

Look, I get that anyone can read things on the internet and be an “expert.”  There’s a lot of false information out there, but I trust Stephanie’s research isn’t limited to sitting around reading wikipedia just so that she can “defame” brands.

I’m not going to get into the whole arguement about para-hydroxy benzoic acid.  It seems to be two sided on 100% Pure’s part.  All I know is that the manner in which they handled the whole issue dissapoints me.  Either they need to get a less angry PR rep, who actually has some knowledge of what she’s talking about, or answer the question as it was asked.   Until then, I will no longer purchase or recommend their products to people.

This is another reason why we encourage people to do their own research and make decisions about what works for them.

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I can’t believe I just found your site! (considering how long I’ve known about safemama).  Anyhow, I was browsing, but didn’t find anything on anti-aging skincare.  As I’m now in my mid 30’s I’m realizing I need to do more to keep my skin firm and pretty.  I tried samples from the arbonne anti-aging line, but hated the orange/toasted marshmallow smell.  I hear shaklee has an anti-aging line, as well.  Do you have any insight on safer anti-aging skin care lines?  or do you not even think it’s necessary to stick with a “line” of products.  I’ve always had individual favorites, but I feel like my cleanser, eye cream & face cream routine is not doing as much for me as I need it to….. thanks so much for this site!!

Welcome to the darkside, my friend.   You spend your 20’s being careless about your skin and before you know it, 30 starts to creep up and you see a line here and then a line there, and you wonder how you started to age so quickly.   Or you blame it on your kids, because let’s face it, they age you.

I was one of those people that treated my skin absolutely HORRIBLY in my 20’s.  I wish I could go back to my 23 year old self and punch her in the face for all the tanning and not wearing of sunscreen.   And don’t even get me started on the crap I slathered on my face.   And now I’m paying for it by aging quicker than I would like.

Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do to in the anti-aging department, and a lot of them don’t require slathering products on your face, but for that, we do have a lot of suggestions for safer anti-aging lines.

Tips for slowing down the aging process:

Now, you can’t exactly stop the aging process, obviously.  It’s a part of life.  But you can do things to, shall we say, age gracefully:

  • Hydrate! I know we mention this a lot, don’t we?  And it seems like a no brainer, but hydration has so many benefits, and one of them is helping with those fine lines.  The more hydrated you are, the better elasticity your skin has, and this is something that will take you through life.    Drinking the appropriate amount of water will help plump your skin to minimize the damage already done and of course, keep your skin glowing and looking youthful.   How much water should you drink?   Well, that depends on your weight.   Generally, you want to divide your weight in half and that’s how many ounces you should drink.
  • Exfoliate! Exfoliation is an important process in the anti-aging process.   Your skin sloughs off the dead skin to make way for the new, but sometimes, that doesn’t always happen naturally.   Exfoliating at least once a week (preferably twice, unless your skin is very senstive) with a gentle exfoliant and a washcloth (I’ll get to that in a minute) will help keep wrinkles at bay.
  • Avoid harsh soaps! It’s important to keep your face clean, but you don’t want to use something that’s going to strip your face of it’s natural oils, and then dry it out (which would make you have to exfoliate more often).   I wash twice a day, once in the morning, when I shower and then once before bed.   I would stress the importance of washing more before bed, so that the days “road dirt” and makeup don’t go getting into your pillow, making you at risk for break outs.  Ew.
  • Eat a balanced diet of fresh fruits and veggies! Again, this is another common sense no brainer, but fruits and vegetables have natural properties to help heal and nourish your skin.   Fruits like açaí, blueberries, pomegranate, blackberries, raspberries and cherries to name a few.  All of these fruits have great antioxidant properties.  Try to eat them in their natural form, rather than in juices, which are mostly concentrates.
  • Moisturize! It’s important to also moisturize your face daily.  I try not to mess to much with my skin, especially after abusing it for so long, but in the winter, I definitely need help in the hydration department.
  • Wear Sunscreen! Ok, I’ll admit, this one is particularly tough for me.   I’m in the no sunscreen camp, unless I’m going to be spending all day in the sun, I generally skip it.  However, if you’re proned to skin cancer, or if you live in a particularly sunny climate, you’ll want to at least wear a 15-20 SPF daily.  You want something that will block out harmful rays, but still allow SOME rays through, because sunlight is actually good for you too (vitamin D and all of that).   If you wear mineral makeup, it contains titanium dioxide, which also helps with blocking out the suns rays as well, so don’t go overboard with SPF and mineral makeup.   Again, you do want to expose yourself to some sun.

Brands we love:

As a rule, you don’t have to purchase all from one line and in fact, I find that it’s better to pick and choose.  Find what works for you.  Buy some samples from different lines and then see what you love and buy the full sizes.   Chances are,  you’ll find a line, buy the whole damn thing, and then find end up hating half of it.    Even if you find a few different brands of, say, exfoliant, it’s absolutely ok to rotate them, if you wanted to buy a couple of different  brands.


100% Pure sugar scrubAll of 100% Pure’s scrubs are great, but they seem to all have a different consistency based on the flavor.  My personal favorite for facial exfoliation is the chocolate mocha.  It’s got real coffee grounds in it, making it a little more gentle on the face and an added bonus is, should you accidentally get some in your mouth, it’s sweet, so you can get your daily dose of chocolate right there in the shower!

Moody Girl Sugar Scrubs – I love Moody Girl’s product line.  She has great scrubs and bath taffy (bubble bars).   The sugar scrub makes a great exfoliant, but I’d recommend hers maybe once a week as it’s pretty sugary, and it does make my face residually red for about 12 hours after use.  Best before bed, but the ingredients are pretty natural.   Not all of her scents are phthalate free, but she will disclose which ones are if you ask her.

Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub – This has been an on and off staple in my life for at least the last ten years or so.  It’s inexpensive and effective.   It exfoliates without drying the skin and doesn’t irritate even my sensitive skin.

Facial Cleansers:

Weleda Iris Cleansing Lotion – This is a good cleanser for those who might get dry flaky skin easily due to anything that lathers.   My skin has a tendency to do that from time to time.  So I use this when my skin is really dry.  It does take some getting used to.   The whole no lather thing throws me for a loop, but my face does feel clean.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap – This is another great staple of mine that works great as a facial cleanser (proof that you don’t have to buy a cleanser specifically for your face).  The only thing is that I’ve had to put it aside for the winter because we’ve had all sorts of dry skin problems here from the weather, but it doesn’t strip my face of the oils and and winter aside, it’s been good to my face.   Plus, it’s inexpensive and readily available just about everywhere.   It also lasts forever.

100% Pure Facial Cleanser – It’s no secret I love this line.  Although, to keep in line with my statement from before, I do try to rotate it with other stuff, because I feel that it works better this way.   This is a great gentle cleanser though.  It’s got lather, but it doesn’t dry.   It makes my skin feel really soft after use.

Moody Girl’s Bath Icing – This is one of my utilitarian products.  I use this for shaving, a sometimes body wash, and also for washing my face.   I was afraid that the lather would dry my face out, but it hasn’t.  It’s decadent without being bad for you.


Dr. Hauschka’s Moisturizing Day Cream – This is definitely a higher end  product (I actually have not found a “cheap” moisturizer that has worked on my face and believe me, I’ve tried), but I it worked well for keeping my face hydrated without leaving it feeling greasy.  That is one of my big issues with moisturizers for the face.  It has to be light.

John Master’s Rose and Apricot Antioxidant Day Cream – This is one of Kathy’s staples and favorite picks.  We totally adore John Masters hair products and after trying to cut down on the budget and rotating through different hair products, I’ve switched back to my favorite John Master’s products and I’ll never use anything else again.    Anyway, this is a great moisturizer for everyday use.  It’s light and great for sensitive skin.   Kathy says: “I use during the day..its still really gentle (I look for stuff with no or little citrus for my sensitive skin and rosacea) and has antioxidants to help me fight aging. ”   It’s also supposed to help with age spots (which means I will be running out and buying this cream pronto).   Again, this is a little on the pricey side ($28), but given how much you use on a regular basis, and the quality of the product, it’ll last awhile.  You’ll use less and get more with John Masters.  Trust me.  A bottle of their styling gel has lasted me nine months and I still have some left.

Weleda Almond Intenstive Face Cream – This is another one that Kathy loves.   It’s a little bit thicker of a cream, but absorbs nicely.  This isn’t something you would use everyday.   But rather a good follow up to a facial treatment.   It’s  about $20 for a one ounce tube (whoa) but again, it’s not an everyday lotion.   It’s also available at most Target stores, which is great for the convenient factor.


I haven’t found anything sunscreen wise that I’ve been in love with, but Kathy recently did a post about sunscreens, because we get asked this question a lot.

A great site that has a lot of different products to choose from, including anti-aging serums, is Saffron Rouge.  While they do carry a lot of the more expensive lines (and they also have a sample club for about $35 a year, and you get a few new samples a month), they have some affordable stuff.  Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to at least one higher end product if it’s something you really like, and then mix it in with more affordable skin care.  You don’t have to drop a mint to keep your skin looking healthy.  In fact, you can easily make an exfoliator yourself out of brown sugar, almond oil and a little bit of essential oil.  It lasts for about six months and works just as well as a store bought product (I made some for my son whose arms have been like alligator skin this winter and it worked well to get the leather off).

So there you have it.   You don’t need to load up on anti-aging products, one or two might suffice, but rather, take the preventative measures with stuff that you already have and make them count.   Try to find samples of products to try out so that you’re not out of a lot of money if you don’t like it.

100percentpineappleI know I need to shut up about 100 Percent Pure products, but they’re quickly becoming favorites of mine.   And when I find something I love, my loved ones want to stage an intervention.   But this is for a good cause.  For research, and for living a healthier life.  Yes, that’s it.

I’ve been wanting to try some sort of mask that I can use weekly to help keep the dry flaky skin to a dull (or maybe more like a healthy glow) roar.   So I picked up some of the 100% Pure Pineapple mask.  I was surprised that it was a powder.  One extra step of mixing it with water will make me lazy, but I mixed some up per the directions and slathered  it on my face and waited.  It doesn’t smell that great, and when it tries, it’s hard to crack, so your face looks like a 90 year old’s.   It washes off really easily with some soap and water.

But I will say, it made my skin soft as anything and I had no dry skin afterwards.  I haven’t felt skin that smooth since I was in grade school.   I was pretty impressed.  I used it a second time a week later, and the results weren’t as good, but they were still far better than nothing at all.  The jar will last awhile and if it keeps the flaky skin to a minimum, I give it a thumbs up.

Get It: You can order the pineapple mask via our Amazon Affiliate store, or buy their products directly online.   OR you can find some of their products in Bath and Body Works flagship stores.

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100percentfacewashI think it’s safe to say, that when I find a particular brand that I like, I first drool over every product they have available, and then I go out and buy them.   I know that’s the case for me with conventional products, however safer beauty products are a bigger deal.  For one, they’re more expensive.  Two, sometimes you might finally find something in a line that works for you, but the rest of the products fall short of the mark.

I can honestly say so far, that the 100% Pure line is all fantastic.   At least the many products that I’ve tried.

I was on the hunt for an actual face wash.  Previously, I had been using Dr. Bronner’s, which works fine, but I noticed that it was making my skin too dry for the winter.   I figured that I would give the 100% Pure facial cleanser a try.

The face wash is very similar to the body wash, save for a few ingredients, which I’m guessing is to make the face wash a little more gentle on the skin.   I’ve used the body wash on my face before and it stung a little, and unless I leave the face wash on for a long time, I don’t have that problem with this.  Consistency wise, it’s the same.

Like the body wash, it foams nicely, and doesn’t dry my skin out, which is exactly what I was looking for.   I’m not too keen on the one that’s packaged in glass.   I like the glass factor, it’s the dispensing that I don’t like.   Think tabasco sauce bottle.  They recently came out with a pump version as well, which I may purchase, once I use what I have.

I’m definitely digging the 100% Pure line.  I can actually pronounce the ingredients and if there was ever a testament to its “purity”, it would be that nearly everything that I’ve ordered has arrived almost frozen (my lotion represented a thick milkshake!).  I can’t really say that about any chemically laden beauty product that I’ve gotten.   You’ll definitely see more reviews in the future.

Get it:  100% Pure foaming face wash comes in four “flavors”,  organic lavender honey, organic cranberry, cucumber juice and lemon juice.   You can order any of them off of their website.

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big_mascaraI’m an unfortunate soul who has jacked up stubby lashes.   I never really cared too much about what type of mascara I used, because nothing is going to magically transform my stubby puny lashes into something even remotely resembling that of a super model.  I don’t care what sort of promises the commercials make.   They’re so bad that not even false eyelashes stay on.    So in the past, I’d buy something on sale and settle for marginally better lashes.   It’s a curse, but then again, my sister always complains that I got the boobs in the family, so I guess we’re even.

But, then I started to worry about the issue of chemicals in my mascara.   Not only petrochemcicals, but anti bacterials, fragrance,  minute levels of…. mercury?   So I stopped using mascara after my son was born.   Much like everything else, I rarely had time (or reason) to wear it when he was really young.    But for Christmas, I wanted all the girly goodies to feel good about myself again, and one of the things I asked for was some 100% Pure fruit pigmented mascara.   Even though I really love all of the 100% Pure products that I had tried, I was still kind of skeptical about how it would work.   I mean, isn’t chemicals what gives you those so-called fabulously long lashes (well, in other people anyway)?     But much like everything else in this greener journey, the only way I’ll find out is by trying.

Fruit pigment me surprised, this stuff is pretty good.   It hasn’t turned my lashes into supermodel lashes,  but it did make them look more presentable.  It doesn’t clump and it also didn’t irritate my eyes, which has happened to me in the past and I know is also a big factor for a lot of people with sensitive eyes.   It also didn’t smudge or fade.  And came off easily with some soap and water.   Also, I should point out that it smells awesome.   Yes, mascara that smells good.   It actually smells like fruit.  It’s kind of bizarre at first, but it grows on you.   I’ve also heard a lot of people complain about this mascara being dry.  I’m not an expert, but so far, I haven’t found that to be the case.  In fact, most of the conventional drug store mascaras that I’ve used have always been too goopy for my liking, so this stuff works like a charm for me.   I’m definitely loving this stuff,  so why ruin a good thing?

Get it: The 100% Pure makeup line, including the mascara, is only available through QVC, which you can order directly online.  However, my husband was able to find some on ebay for a little bit cheaper, so it’s worth trying to shop around.

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I’ve gotten used to the subtle scents of natural beauty products.  In a way, this is a good thing, as I feel as if phthalates have made us hard wired to think that we need our body wash to smell heavily like fake floral or fruit scents.   I like smelling clean, not like my great aunt’s perfume cabinet.  That said, because you’re hard wired to want to smell like a fruit salad, sometimes, that’s not such a bad thing.  Good smells are appealing, and are great memory triggers.  Sometimes, you just want to smell like a girl.

Enter the 100% Pure beauty line.  I came across this line of products and saw a pink grapefruit body wash and I had to try it.  I don’t know what it is about me and pink grapefruit, but I love it.  I had been looking for one about a year before all of the chemically laden bath companies released them.  What can I say, I’m ahead of my time.

When I first poured some of the body wash on my washcloth, I was surprised.  It’s kind of…watery.  I was a little disappointed because I figured that watery = no lather.   I worried over nothing.  It held a nice mild lather with one single application and left my skin feeling soft and smooth.  In fact, when I shaved afterwards, my skin felt great.  Not tight and dry like it normally does.

I topped my shower off with one of their awesome body creams, in honey pear, which was just like the old days.  It was so fragrant and nice.  And you know what?  My skin is STILL smooth after being in jeans all day.  And no lotion has ever done that.  Especially when winter has appeared on our front door overnight and the dry heat has been running.

The 100% Pure products contain no synthetic chemicals or fillers of any kind.  Everything is scented with fruit extracts and smells great.  They have a wide variety of products, including fruit pigmented cosmetics, a full line of facial care and body care.   This is a product line that I will always keep on hand.

Get it: Order 100% Pure products directly online.

Bonus! We’ve got a jar of Strawberry Lemonade Juicy body scrub AND a bottle of coconut body lotion up for grabs.   Here’s how you can win:

1. Send an email to with the subject “100% Pure Giveaway” in the subject line.  Please include both your name AND address in the email.

2. Log onto the 100% Pure website and find your favorite product and tell us what it is.

You must follow steps 1&2 in order to qualify for this giveaway.  All information given, is not sold or used other than to notify the winner.   Winner will be drawn at midnight December 4th. Contest open to US & Canadian residents only.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of prizes.

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