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There’s been a lot of hoopla around perfume lately, most in part to to a new laboratory analysis done by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  Along with the EWG, they tested 17 mainstream fragrances from Chanel to Calvin Klein.  The study found that the perfumes contained on average 14 ingredients not listed on the label because of a loophole that allows companies to claim their toxic recipes as a “trade secret”. Pathetic.  They also found 10 sensitizing chemicals associated with allergic reactions such as asthma, wheezing, headaches and contact dermatitis and 4 hormone-disrupting chemicals linked to a range of health effects including sperm damage, thyroid disruption and cancer. You smell sexy but cancer is most definitely not sexy.

Have a look at the products they tested and the appalling results:  Not So Sexy Report

What Do I Do?

I hate to say it but ditch the perfume, ladies. People overdo it with perfume and I personally can’t stand being near someone doused in Britney Spears CIRCUS…  However I will admit it’s nice to be able to put on a dab of something when you’re dressed up.  Here is a list of a few natural fragrances that aren’t laden with toxic hormone mimicking chemicals:

I’ve been known to “make” my perfume simply by dabbing a desirable oil behind my ears (just be careful of reactions if you are sensitive) or I rely on the natural scents of body oils.  My current favorite is Soapwalla’s Luxurious Body Oil.  No need for added perfumes to make me smell pretty.


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redflowerGoing organic with my beauty and health meant really eliminating so many things I enjoyed.  Perfume being one of them.  I sadly set aside my array of commercial perfume and went on a hunt for something safer that lacked phthalates and synthetic fragrances.  While at the gym reading a magazine I stumbled on an obscure article in a magazine that mentioned an organic perfume called Red Flower perfume oil.

These perfumes are created with a pure flower and herb distillation using USDA Certified Organic oils.  I always knew that oil based perfume vs. alcohol based perfumes were more pure and long lasting due to the slower evaporation, but since using Red Flower I do believe they work a whole lot better.

Red Flower organic perfume oils come in 3 beautiful scents: Champa (the one I like) has a floral feminine scent without smelling too much like a big flowery mess.  It’s subtle and girly… I get compliments on it often.  They also have Ambrette, more of am amber, golden warm scent and Guaiac,  which is a little bit earthy, woody but with a pretty feminie side.  Really lovely scents.

Get It: Red Flower oils come in a small 1-ish ounce glass roll on with a stainless steel roller ball for $48, or in a larger elegant crystal cut vintage bottle and stoppe, made in france for $186 – all available on their website  Red Flower also carries hair care, candles and body care items … all that I am dying to try out.  They all look  like elegant indulgences!

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