Kathy considers herself a girly girl by nature. She loves a fine wine, a nice handbag and can appreciate a good shampoo. After realizing her beloved Redken collection was hazardous to her health, she decided to pursue other options. She’s still looking, by the way. Kathy is also a Mama to a funny, cute and witty 5 year old boy, who makes her laugh on a daily basis and a 18 month old cutie pie, also known as “little brother”.

Her trade by day (besides chasing after 2 children of course) is web designer extraordinaire. She’s also an accomplished author and seasoned blogger. Her passion is creating a healthier, cleaner lifestyle for her family.

Statia blames Kathy for her addiction to beauty products and love of all things froofy. While she always had a love for beauty products, it wasn’t until after she met Kathy that she was sucked into the beauty underground. Now that she realizes the underground is cancerous, she’s on the hunt for the world’s most perfect conditioner. She’s getting close. Statia is also a Mama to two adorable, funny and defiant kids, who love to make her question her sanity to be a stay at home mom.

In a former life, Statia had a lengthy sales career, but left to stay at home with her two children. She now spends her days getting excited over the latest chemical free shampoo that hits the market and blogging about her kids, crazy things her husband says, and life with a child on the spectrum.

Why This Site?

Once SafeMama.com’s popularity flourished, moms everywhere emailed in asking “Ok we have the kids covered, now what about US?” We realized that together, we not only had a lot of knowledge on safer beauty products, but spent a lot of time between the two of us reviewing them with each other. We figured why not share it with everyone else? We hope that this site will help you educate yourself on safe products available… and help you find your inner eco-gorgeous self, too!

Typical Disclaimer: This site isn’t to take the place of official information or the advice given by medical doctors. It should be used as a resource, and a time saver to help you live a healthy safe life.

Contributing Authors

We want you! Find a great product, or have something to share? We’re looking for contributing authors who have a passion for natural beauty without all the icky gunk. Contact us!

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