Rocky Mountain Soap Company: Bamboo Body Scrub

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A box arrived on my doorstep not long ago from a company I like called Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I was introduced to them last year when a reader asked me to review them.  I still use their body butters and went through a bottle of their gentle Tiny Tot Foaming Wash.  So when a box came that I wasn’t expecting with the Rocky Mountain logo on it I was squealing with glee.  (Products tend to evoke that kind o reaction from me). Rocky Mountain Soap Company creates really luxurious body products using the best ingredients available that are really effective.  This is definitely the case with their new line of body scrubs!

These are all natural and when I say that I really mean it.  I have used MANY body scrubs in my day.  I prefer sugar scrubs over salt scrubs because I have pretty sensitive skin and anything too abrasive is too harsh for me so I stick with sugar scrubs.. BUT their Bamboo Body Scrub is the first salt scrub I have used that wasn’t totally chunky and unpleasant.  In fact I thought it was a sugar scrub until I read the ingredients.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s body scrubs really deliver. The Bamboo Body Scrub is thick like you would want a scrub to be like and the granules are fine enough not to cause any irritation at all. I was soft and smooth and it smells great… has a lighter citrus scent.  It has shea butter to soothe and moisturize and grapefruit essential oil to refresh and combat cellulite. It’s a delightful addition to my shower arsenal. What I adore about scrubs like this is the lack of need to moisturize after a shower.

They have two other fabulous scrubs… a Blood Orange Sugar Body Scrub and a French Lavender Sugar Body Scrub hich are both equally fabulous. Rocky Mountain Soap Company has a ton of great products without the risk of icky chemical additives and preservatives.  Always paraben, chemical, PEG and phthalate free – but without losing any of the awesomeness.  Rocky Mountain Soap Co. is definitely one of my favorite companies.

GET IT: Trust me you ‘ll love them.  Pick up these scrubs or any other of their great products on their website!  They have a deal going now if you order one scrub get the second scrub for 50% off!

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One Response to “Rocky Mountain Soap Company: Bamboo Body Scrub”

  1. Angela on December 25th, 2010 3:42 pm

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting this review on your site! I have been meaning to order from them since you posted this. I ordered a bunch of stuff for Christmas and the mens line is great, very nice smell for a man and my husband loves it. I ordered a few things as well and I am just in love with this line :) I really appreciate your reviews. Thank you!

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